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On 4/18/2023 at 4:15 PM, Steph and Dud B said:

We stopped (twice) at that Bucees last week. Our first Buc-ees. Very impressed with the food and gas pieces. I'm actually eating some Beaver Nuggets right now. 🍽️

We're (finally) getting a  Bucees near us,,on i75, North if Ocala .

Looking for to the experience. .

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We love Buc-ee's!  I bought about 60lbs of ice at the Denton, TX store for my daughter's wedding last November, had to pick up a few bags of Beaver Nuggets, too!  Nicest people there for sure and for certain.  Not to mention the cleanest restrooms in the USofA...




Art, Diane, Oscar & Magnus (double-Aaarrf!)

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We were at the Luling Buc-ee’s this morning.  They are expanding it and parking and gas pumps are very limited.  We were driving up to Bastrop State Park and see that there is a new, large Buc-ee’s in Bastrop, nowhere near an interstate.  Mike

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