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Bluetooth Pairing to Samsung Smart Phone


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Trying to figure out how to pair Bluetooth from phone to stereo. I push Bluetooth button on phone and radio. Phone recognizes Furrion and says available but then says "make sure the device you want to connect is visible to other devices". It will not connect to radio. Any advice?

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Hi Darryl and Kim, Have you looked in the radio manual yet? Here is a link to the Furrion 2018 manual:

Furrion Radio Manual


On Page 5 it talks about pairing the bluetooth device with the radio. You can also call our Service department for assistance: 1-866-205-2621 if you would like.



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I had a hard time pairing my phone to our Furrion. I have an iPhone and the older Furrion, but maybe this will work for you. When I tried pairing I got the same kind of message you did. On our Furrion if you push the on/off button it goes into a sleep mode, dim lights. If you push and hold it goes completely off. Once I completely powered down and then turned it back on it paired easily and has stayed paired for years. Now, whenever I turn on the Furrion it automatically starts playing whatever I last had going on my phone. Worth at try. Mike

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