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Solar panels on roof


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Ok hear goes...I'm really qualifying myself here. What about solar panels and hail storms? How tough are the panels? If in a storm do you find a bridge to hide under? I'm guessing the approach here is the same as worrying about being struck by lightning!

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They are residential quality, they are darned tough. If you are in a storm bad enough to break these panels, you will have more important things to worry about. Besides, your insurance would cover replacement cost.


OTH, if I were in a bad storm and solid shelter was available, I would certainly use it.... if it were limited, I would stick my truck and occupants under it and leave the Ollie sticking out.


John Davies


Spokane WA



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I know I have told this story before, but here goes.

Years ago, we had hail the size of steely marbles at our camping property in North Carolina. We were at a friend's house having dinner, an hour away, and no hail there. The Ollie, and its solar panels, were undamaged when we returned, though the ground was still covered with hail and shredded leaves. I imagine the truck would have had some dimples if we'd been there.


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I agree with the above comments.  Out of Dallas I saw an Air Stream with SEVERE hail damage.  But its solar panels were not damaged.


Also, even if they were damaged, they are very easy to order out and DYI replacement yourself.  Can't say the same thing for that poor Air Stream......

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