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Victron Bluetooth battery monitor install


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The solar panel install went so smoothly yesterday I woke up this morning with the energy to finally tackle the battery monitor install I had been postponing for months. I think I am going to just leave it by the EMS monitor for now just because it is easy to use via bluetooth in the Victron Connect app.













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- Mike

Nashville, TN

2018 Elite II - Spirit of Adventure Hull #308  - Toyota Tundra 


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Thank you for posting this installation.  It’s been on my wish list for a while.  I missed the BVM 712 on Amazon last December at about $180 and I have been stubbornly waiting for the price to drop again.  I should probably raid my piggy bank or start collecting aluminum cans and just pay the extra $25.


Thanks again,



Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL  
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Agreed - there’s nothing on the display that isn’t easier to access and read on the app. Same for the settings. There are a few oddball things that you need access to the controls for, like if you ever replace your batteries and want to reset everything, but otherwise there’s no need to run the wires and cut another hole in your interior.


Their color control is a different story, since it displays so much info at a glance, but I wouldn’t think that’s something you’d install unless you at least added a Victron solar charge controller.

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I agree completely but what changed my mind is having to fish the VE.direct cable2 x2  down to it, wasn't an easy task today going up with the communication cable. So once the battery monitor goes up top (so that I can run VE.direct cables from the controller and battery monitor to Color GX)  I thought I might as well install it showing rather than leaving it in the cabinet.


But I would guess the app will be used 90% of the time. So if I wasn't going to add the Victron solar charger and Color GX I would definitely leave in the basement.

- Mike

Nashville, TN

2018 Elite II - Spirit of Adventure Hull #308  - Toyota Tundra 


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Makes sense, and it looks like you already had the hole.  I still really hoping as many gauges and switches can be hidden as possible on my build.  Otherwise I guess I'll put some art in front of them or maybe an iPad mini with mopeka/victron's apps.


Looking to go full Victron on my build with the solar charge controller, multiples charger/inverter, BMS, and maybe even their "smart" batteries.  By my math, should be able to fit three of their 200Ah (version "a") batteries in the tray for 7.6 kWh of capacity and ~150 lbs. I'd just rather have a cleaner interior without a bunch of things than 1980s/90s electronics showing everywhere - at least the color gx is better in this regard.


If I had my way my trailer would come with everything Victron, all the misc switches/gauges would be behind a door/cabinet/under a bench.

Between Olivers…

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