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Import water via boondocking port with water filter?


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I use one of these Camco water filters when I use the City Water connection, or when I fill the tank via the Fresh Water connection.


On numerous occasions, I have used the boondocking port to fill the fresh water tank, but for some reason, I had never used the water filter.

Until today, when I tried to fill the fresh water tank via the boondocking port with the water filter inline. No water moved through the system when the water filter was present.

My theory is that the water pump does not provide sufficient force to overcome the resistance provided by the water filter.

I would love to hear from anyone who has successfully used a filter while importing water via the boondocking port or has any significant insights.


David Stillman, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Frankly, we've never tried to use a filter, refilling the tank with tbe pump. We filter the water that goes into our clean containers, and consider it done.


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You need to use a remote pump at the source, and use the positive pressure to move it through your filter. A suction pump just won’t work, the filter provides too much restriction. It might work if your water was in an above ground tank and you could pre-fill the hose, to use the syphon effect.


One of these connected to your potable water source would work great with an inline filter.  .... https://www.amazon.com/HydraPump-Mini-DC-Portable-Connectors/dp/B01K10757O


John Davies


Spokane WA

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For whatever reason (like I never drink the water from my fresh water tank even though I do sanitize that tank) I too have never used the water filter when filling it via the boondocking/winterization (BW) port. There seems to be a consensus that the suction pump simply doesn't have enough power to overcome the restriction of the filter. I did have a situation where I could not keep bugs out of the container I was using as a source for the water I was putting into the tank via the BW port. So, I simply used a clean shop rag over the end of the hose to filter the bugs out. This worked fine, but, obviously, that rag didn't have the same amount of restriction that a regular water filter has.



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