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Air conditioner noise


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The ac in pretty much every rv we've ever used is "noisy". They're all roof mounted, so the vibration travels. I  don't think the ac in the oliver is any noisier than it is in the rvs we deliver to alaska. Though the location of the ac, over the bed, may make it seem so.

Some people call it good white noise for sleeping. We rarely use ac, as we don't camp where we have electricity to run it. The furnace is more important to me than ac. 🙃


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We swapped out our Dometic noise maker for an Atwood (now also Dometic) Air Command heat pump in our Sprinter based motorhome.  Best $800 we ever spent on the MH.  I did the install myself.  The Atwood is very quiet (especially on low), draws less amps and cools better than it's BTU rating implies. Unfortunately, it is a bit tall of a unit and I believe Dometic is slowly killing off the line.  It is no longer available in a white, ductless 15k heat pump model - or we would be installing one on our soon-to-be Oliver.

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Not noisy at all.... when compared to an F-14 on a full afterburner climb out.   Seriously though I think we may be in for some relief.  I don't have any insider info but looking at what is happening in the RV industry I believe we will see some changes in RV air conditioners.   Houghton and the Truma Aventa are low noise alternatives.   Dometic would do well to take their newly purchased Atwood technology and incorporate it into their line.  If they don't I predict a competitive disadvantage for them.   A low noise A/C is something the RV consumer will soon be demanding... (previously asking).     Lithium batteries will drive demand for reduced power as well.   Five years ago only the technically advanced tinkerer would experiment with battery run A/C.  Now it's becoming an advertised feature.    For existing owners an upgrade to Truma or Houghton is available now.  Some Oliver owners have replaced with Houghton (search the forum).  And there is at least one Oliver with the Truma.  (unless we have been fooled by a photoshopped pic) :classic_biggrin:    

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I've always wondered why travel trailers don't have an A/C/Heat unit like the ductless system we have in or patio room at our home. The unit is very compact and the outside compressor and inside unit are very quiet and are small enough to be configured for travel trailer use. Just don't see why this type of system is not gives come consideration for RV's. 


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