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Calmark cover owners question


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We bought a used 2019 Calmark cover for our new 2020 Oliver LEll. The cover has no visible holes or tears And appears in decent condition and even came with the original patch kit. After unpacking the cover on our driveway we noticed it does have a dusty tan colored stain on the very top. Calmark warns to use ONLY non detergent soap. We sent an email to Calmark asking what specific non detergent soap to use. They are closed due the pandemic but may be monitoring email. 
Any suggestions on non detergent soap to clean the cover with would be appreciated. We may just try hosing that area off with just water first. We’ll post up if we receive a response from Calmark.




This appears to be a tree sap maybe?


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We were able to reach out to Calmark covers and ask how they recommend cleaning the cover. We hope this helps anyone owning a Calmark. Here is there reply-

From: "CalMark Cover Co." <info@calmarkcovers.com>
Date: May 22, 2020 at 5:39:02 PM EDT
Subject: Re:  Best cleaners for CalMark covers
Thank you for checking with us on the proper way to clean and care for your cover, I have attached some sheets on cleaning the fabric, I also included a stain chart as well.  Normally, you can gently hose down your cover to remove any surface dirt. You can use a Dawn dishwashing fluid and a rag or soft bristle brush. Then, gently rinse with water again. It is NEVER safe to put your cover in a regular or industrial washing machine. They can damage the fibers of the fabric and remove items that the fabric was originally treated with, such as those that protect against UV Rays, mold, mildew and the overall water resistance. There is also a company called 303. They make a biodegradable product used to clean Sunbrella. They also make a spray that you can use to retreat your cover for water resistance. It is a good idea to clean, then retreat, about very 1-2 years.

For a specific type of stain or spill, please refer to attached chart provided by Glen Raven. 


DeAnna Martinez

Sales/Customer Service

CalMark Cover Company

(800) 838-7236  

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2020 OLEII - Hull #634 aka-  “XPLOR”

2021 F350 6.7 liter Diesel Lariat Ultimate Tremor 

North Carolina 🇺🇸



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Another CalMark cover question --- can you run the Maxxfan with the cover over the trailer? We run our fan with the bathroom window open 24/7 to keep some air moving around inside. If you are unable to run the fan, how is the air inside the trailer after a period of time? 

This is not actually an owners question; we are 'to be' owners, amybe. 🙂

Thank you.


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sgcausey - 

While the CalMark cover is not waterproof, it is fairly water repellent.  Given that, while it does "breath" I'm sure that the airflow through it is not very good.  Therefore, I have never left any vents (MaxAir or bath) open while in storage.  However, to control humidity inside the Ollie I have used a combination of a product called "Damp-rid" along with a renewable desiccant (renewed by plugging it into a 110 outlet a couple of times over the winter).  I also make sure to use crumpled newspaper in the fridge and leave the fridge and bathroom doors open, and I remove my sleeping mattress but leave the dinette cushions in place.  With these precautions  I've never had any odors.


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I haven’t had.a trailer cover in over thirty years, but in your shoes I would go buy a kids plastic wading pool at Walmart, fill it with cold water and a half cup of Dawn, and let the cover soak for a few hours or overnight. Spot treat the worst dirt first. You can agitate it with your hands or by lifting up the cover.


Once you have cleaned it, and rinsed it really well, you need to find a way to let it drain and air dry, say hung over a clean fence. Be really careful to never lay it on a dirty driveway. Rinse the concrete very well or you will just contaminate your clean cover. And never put it on your Ollie if the fiberglass is dirty.....

I have never been happy with the concept of a fitted vehicle cover, I had one for a black car and it just worried the heck out of me, I decided that old flat bed sheets laid carefully on top worked better indoors, and were so very easy to wash. Too bad that won’t work on an outdoor trailer....

Good luck.

John Davies

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