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In anticipation of summer camping, especially summer mosquito and fly season in Alaska, I'm starting to research screen rooms. I know at least one of you has a screen room that attaches to the awning... anyone else? And, have any of you purchased separate screen tents or enclosures in the last few years? I've looked at the "popups" and the paha ques online. Obviously the paha que products look great, with great comments, but are pricier than some of the simple popups.

I'm interested in how you feel about time to set up (we'll be staying only a night or two in many locations on the 4800 mile or so trip to Alaska), performance and stability in rain and wind, and how effectively they repel gnats/no seeums.


Thanks in advance for your comments.



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Hi Sherry!

We did get the screen room that was on another thread but haven't used it yet. It has no floor so we will use the floor from Sewing Susan(casita Forum) but this will not be mosquito proof ! Espscially in Alaska! But shud do well in NM. Alaska mosquitoes and no see ums are VERY aggresive. Good Luck!

Chuck 8-) n Geri :)

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I saw this old post and am wondering if you found a screen room for your trip that you can recommend.   We’re new to the Forum and will pick up our Oliver early 2019.  Getting very excited!!





Kevin and Kathi


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Kathi -


Would you prefer screen rooms that attach to the existing awning or that are "stand alone"?  If stand alone models are on the radar then you probably can't do much better than a "Clam" brand.  There have been numerous reviews of them on this Forum.  Attached screen rooms have also been reviewed , but, as far as I know only for the "old" Fiamma brand awning and not the one that is currently being used on the newer Olivers.


The smaller Clam doesn't fit over the typical picnic table but it fits inside the closet of the Legacy II when folded and will seat as many as four people (its really great for one or two).  Conversely, the larger Clam does fit over a picnic table and will seat a bunch of people.  However, it does not fit in the closet and therefore must be carried/stored elsewhere.





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We have both. The Fiamma Privacy Room and the 140 x 140 Clam. The privacy room is, by far, the nicest of the two. But, it will take two people at least 30-45 minutes to erect (it takes us well over an hour and a half to do.) Plus, it’s over 4x the price of the clam and weighs twice as much. You will have to have a full size pickup with at least a 6.5 foot bed for either one (unless you’re willing to haul it diagonally.) I don’t even carry it with us unless we’re going to be in one place for several weeks (think Quartzsite.)


The Clam, on the other hand, sets up in under a minute by one person.  The one most of us have will easily seat 6-8 people.

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