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Winterizing using the blow out method: no longer recommended


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Thanks Overland, I will try that next.  I will also try using the the city water connection to see if I can get water into the pump/accumulator from there.

With the cold temperature exposure the last night in the canyon I was concerned about a cracked line or fitting, but I checked what I could and did not see any issues. 




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On 10/12/2020 at 9:43 AM, topgun2 said:

I just looked at the antifreeze I bought at WalMart and it claims to protect down to 50 below zero.  What does the "better" stuff do better?


I used Preston RV anti freeze - Wal-Mart - less than $3 - It claims -100 degree protection. Two gallons  did the EII. Followed the instructions off the Oliver site. Have done same for three years - easy - and not a problem to date. 




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On 11/26/2020 at 11:07 PM, mjrendon said:

My water pump will not pull antifreeze in from the rear inlet so I decided to partially fill the freshwater tank and try to pull in water from there.  After filling the freshwater tank to 45% and turning the valves back to normal, I found that the pump would not pull any freshwater either. Note that the pump sounds normal and I checked the clear filter housing next to the pump for debris and found none.

I was in Palo Duro Canyon a couple of week ago and the night before I left the temps dropped down to 25'F (was below freezing from 10:30pm until 7am).  I had drained my tanks and unhooked the water hose before it started getting cold.  The temperature in the water pump area never dropped below 38'F.

Has anyone had issues with the LE2 vapor locking?  Any suggestions on getting the pump to pull water/antifreeeze again? 

I am in Austin, TX so I am not in a big hurry to winterize yet and could use the blow-out method if needed.

problem solved - 

I tried several things to get the pump to start pumping again such as filling the fresh water to 100, running the pump with the faucets open, opening both inlets to the pump, running the pump with city water. None of these worked.  What did work was to put my hose with the regulator lowered to 20psi on the rear water inlet and then open the rear inlet valve, turn the kitchen faucet on and then turn the pump on. After I could hear what sounded like the pump starting to pull water I was able to close the rear inlet valve and the system started working as one would expect (pulling water from the fresh water tank).  Not sure what caused the water pump and accumulator system to stop pumping, but I am happy to have it working again. 

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I can't say for sure but I did open the Truma  water heater to drain it right after disconnecting the park's water service at Palo Duro (last trip) but I forgot to relieve the pressure in the system before lowering the Truma's yellow valve lever.  The water had cooled down, but I got drenched as I opened that valve.  I am thinking that along with the water that was stored in the Truma, the  water in the pump and accumulator might have come out, causing the pump/accumulator system to lose its prime at that point.  I am not sure this is possible but nothing else comes to mind.

Prior to that, the most recent successful use of the water pump was to shower and wash dishes while in Bull Run Regional Park (VA) in mid-October. 

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