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Tank monitor question.. ever seen one of these?

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The tank monitor in 685 isn’t working any longer and has a symbol on the screen that isn’t ( at least I couldn’t find it) mentioned in the owners manual.. Anyone ever seen one of these? Thanks!


Mark & Deb..2020 Elite II..Dearie..Hull #685..2016 Tundra

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I have not seen that Mcb, but I had really messed up readings while at David Crockett.  When I got home I dug around until I found the SeeLevel strips that are stuck to the sides of the tanks.  I found my grey tank strip was partially peeling off and just pressed it back onto the tank better.  That at least fixed my readings being skewed.  You might check and see if a strip came completely loose somewhere or toggle the DC fuse for it.

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John and Anita

2020 Oliver Elite II, Hull 688

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For anyone interested, I fixed my issue by removing the panel and disconnecting the wires attached to it ( not those related to the water pump). Once reconnected, the readings are back to normal..

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Mark & Deb..2020 Elite II..Dearie..Hull #685..2016 Tundra

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According to JE Oliver service -  its an problem code . Mine did similar - its an error code- all the monitors are wired in series - one goes bad - they all read/go bad. Ended up being a bad connection on the  black tank sensor. I used that area for storage - seems it somehow caused an intermittent signal loss - and the error code.  I was not able to located the exact place in the wire that had the issue - I simple took the stuff out of the area, and all has been fine since - I can recreate it by applying force to the wire loom.  Not worth the time to tear it all apart - for now.  I don't use black tank - it contains nothing but AIR- for whatever reason it has always read out as 10% full.  I would surmise its the monitor "thingie" on the tank not reading correctly. Oh well. 

McB - check the connections on/at the tank locations- black/grey/fresh. One  of those has an issue - or somewhere in-between.



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