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  1. Yup let’s do that. Sounds like you’ve got a great winter ahead of you. We’ve spent time in Everglades City and Goodland in the past near CSSP..love that neck of the woods. You can get out in the Boonies really quick around there which is very cool.. we are bouncing around between Sanibel, LGI, Brownsville and Nakomis, which is really close to Oscar Shearer. We will be there in February with visiting kids and grandkids from Maine before we head West…
  2. SW Florida til the end of February, then out to AZ/NM for March.. back to Maine for Alewives early April…. Have a good Thanksgiving and Safe Travels!
  3. When are you hitting the road? We will bug out Friday…. The temperature is dropping, it’s time to hit the road!
  4. I guess I don’t mind planning way ahead… perhaps it’s a result of having a business that had a way of snuffing out spontaneity.. if we wanted to get away, we had to work it all out well ahead of time. Or maybe it’s just me…I enjoy working out where we are going, pouring over topo’s and Google earth. In terms of campgrounds, if we are staying in them, we try to stick to State Parks. I like checking out campgrounds and trying to figure out which is “the best” site for us.. if we want to go someplace, like SW Florida for a month to collect sharks teeth we know we have to make reservations way way out ahead of time… and figure that’s just the way it goes… And if life throws us a curveball, like say knee surgery this fall, we cancel those reservations as soon as we can and somebody else gets lucky…
  5. I guess I’m joining the club…I’m gonna need a big ol’ washer to make it work with that mess of a hole somebody made…
  6. When our Dutch oven travels with us it’s usually only on short trips and has a place in the bed of the truck. On extended trips weight becomes more of an issue….We tend to come home with more in the truck then we left home with, and it’s usually pretty heavy stuff…. Like rocks…. so we try to pay attention to our payload to some extent.. We use the convection oven quite a bit and it works out great for us… we cook everything in it we use the oven at home. The only factor to keep in mind is the size of it.
  7. Life’s too short for me to wait for the conditions to be perfect….
  8. That’s awful.. really glad you two are ok. I don’t know where you are located but around here ( Maine) this is the time of year when mice start moving in under the hood.. and they love chewing wires. I’ve known a couple folks that have had major damage done to electrical systems because of this in the past… but never heard of a vehicle bursting into flames… Last week I had a field mouse appear at the upper edge of my hood as I was doing about 60, he wasn’t there very long…..when I got home I had a look under the hood to see if I could see anybody else hanging around under there.
  9. Shutting off the 60A breaker to the batteries for a few minutes did the trick.. thanks Mossey
  10. I’ve got an error code ( at least that’s what I think it is) on the tank monitor, sort of an upside down and backwards F.. I’d had the lithium batteries disconnected for the last month or so and had just got everything back together.. The pump switch works fine, but no amount of pushing on those other buttons will get the screen to change. I figured it was wired to the 12v panel, but it isn’t labeled as such. I hauled out all the fuses one by one just the same to see if I could at least get it to flicker or something… no luck. all other electrical systems are just fine.. Batteries at 49%. I’ve been through the trouble shooting section in the owners manual without success. Any thoughts? I’m sure it’s something simple I’m overlooking so thanks in advance..
  11. Sorry to hear about you all putting your Ollies away for the winter… we are on the opposite trajectory, getting gear together and checking systems in preparation of hitting the road in about a month….. It’s been a long summer living vicariously through the adventures of other folks….. time to get back out there!🙂
  12. I don’t know if there is a fuse or reset button.. but there is a bypass switch.. here are a couple of potentially helpful bits from the owners manual… maybe a wire rattled loose
  13. We’ve never had more rain come in through the bathroom window or vent than a paper towel could handle..
  14. Perhaps he’s headed in this direction…….
  15. We’ll be kicking around New Mexico and Arizona for the month of March so maybe we’ll cross paths….
  16. Is the inverter turned on, and if so, have you checked to make sure the GFCI isn’t tripped at the outlet?
  17. Or wonder about the guys sitting in those little booths about mid way all day long.. or how come the AM radio didn’t work… or where did the doors in the walls lead to.. which were all just things to mull over while trying not to ponder that dripping water….
  18. I think an Oliver sticker is an awesome idea, and I’ve got a pretty good idea where I’d put one…
  19. That looks pretty handy.. and got me wondering about what other folks stuff into the basement and what kind of storage solutions they have come up with… Heres what we’ve got stashed away.. a tote with a couple 50’ water hoses and assorted “water gear”, a sort of spool I made with two 25’ cords wrapped around it and related testers and adapters in its center… a milk crate full of blocking of various sizes (6x6s, 2x6s 1x6s etc) and a box I made full for an assortment of tools and gear aimed at quick repairs and trouble shooting without getting into the “real toolbox” that lives in the truck. the tote and spool go in first… followed by the crate of blocking, and the tools.. the remaining space is where I stow the wheel chocks
  20. Geez, no need for an apology.. it’s been a great truck, about 150,000 miles and still going..
  21. Sure.. I had a 2011 Tundra which I put an after market brake controller in, as at the time Tundras didn’t come with them. The 2016 Tundra which I currently drive came with the stock version, I believe it was the first or second year Tundras were equipped with them. The problem with it was it was very inconsistent, sometimes it worked, most times not. It was a common, well documented issue. I was able to get mine fixed a couple of years ago, by a service guy at a Toyota place that owned a Tundra and knew what the issue was. Not sure what he did but It’s worked fine since.
  22. Yes it will, hopefully better than their first go around with electric brake controllers… It’ll be fun watching as things unfold, being longtime Tundra owners and fans.. We will be looking for a new TV in 2022 or 23, and it seems like there are some pretty good choices out there for 1/2 ton trucks. It’s the cargo capacity that is going to be a big factor this time around, and 1940 lbs would be great… but I suspect that applies to the 2x4 models, not the 4x4….probably not the crew cab either. I do look forward to giving one a test drive… maybe giving that new fangled back up system a try in a crowded parking lot full of brand spanking new trucks🙂 We will be looking hard at 3/4 ton trucks this time around…
  23. Bob, do you think that things will have slowed down at Lilly Bay to the point that there might be open sites midweek in the next couple of weeks?
  24. As I mentioned the other day.. NCeagle figured this out… this was part of the thread from this past June…. It would be worth reviewing for anyone annoyed by their inverter fan noise or who, like me, wants to have a simple way of not charging their lithium batteries every time they are plugged into shore power….There is more info in that thread.. it works in Hull #685… maybe it’ll work in yours too..
  25. There was a thread started in June called “How do I change shore power or generator demand priority?”.. I don’t know how to get it so you could access it directly from here, but that’s what it was called. You’ll find more info about using this setting on the inverter written by folks who know more about it than me. I don’t know what OTT thinks about this strategy.. but Xantrex seems ok with it, and it works…. And it sure beats either feeling around under the street side bed for the cut off switch between the inverter and batteries or unplugging the cord from the camper..
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