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Twin Bed Modification

Pat Maundrell

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3 hours ago, dewdev said:


Is the Night Stand somehow attached to the floor or side of the twin beds? What did you have to do to remove it? 

I did not remove our Night Stand, took that photo when someone had another question about converting a Twin model to a King model, which could also be done.

The Night Stand is attached to the top of the basement fiberglass cover as seen in the above photo. The Night Stand should be able to be removed easily allowing placement a cushion in place of the Night Stand like Pat mentioned.

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Pat & dewdev - 

Its been awhile since I took a look at my nightstand, but, as Bill says above, removal of the nightstand really should not be a big deal.

As I recall, there may be a couple of screws or bolts holding this unit to the fiberglass edges under it.  If that is correct then these should be very easy to see once you remove the drawer and poke your head inside.  Past this, the only other thing really holding it is the caulk at the bottom where the nightstand rests on the fiberglass under it.  I'd use plastic razor blades something like THESE in order to cut and remove that caulk without "nicking" or cutting the fiberglass.

Many of the nightstands do have electric and USB outlets in them.  But these can either be easily moved to the area under the nightstand or simply disconnect them and cap the wires.

Good luck!


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