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What Brand of AGM's in 2021 Models?

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Interesting that the batteries are different from the E1 to the E2.  I learned that my E2 would come with Bright Way Group batteries if I choose the AGM's, not Lifelines as you received JRK.

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Battery tray sizes are very different in the two models.

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The Bright Way Group batteries are manufactured by Trojan.

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Just received four new Bright Way Group batteries (EVGC-220A-AM) this week for my 2015 E2.  They are made in China.  I initially thought Taiwan but the actual box says "Made in China".   These have the exact foot print as the Trojan T-105.  They fit into the tray - just as tight as the Trojans.  I wish I had a bit more room due to the battery strap shackle resting tight against the battery.  The shackle left an indentation in my old Trojans but did not break the case.1283836496_BrightWayGroup-China.jpg.2a8437a59b363894a735d3f56b680528.jpg1198317092_BrightWayGroup220A.jpg.67d55954bf132df1263051452f489ab5.jpg

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