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What a "crappy" weekend coming up.

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Well, it shouldn't be too bad, but guess what I'm doing this weekend at a full-hookup camp ground?

Since our black tank valve is leaking like a sieve, and we had to pay for shipping, we decided to to order both 3 inch valves and the 1.5 inch grey valve for the LE II.

Does this all look good?

Also, kudo's to eTrailer.  Man, when you pay for two-day shipping, they might get parts to you in hours.  Ordered online a 5pm Easter, and arrived by 10am. Wow.



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I removed my black valve, it isn’t too complicated and shouldn’t take up too much of your time while camping (a few hours at the most).  You could also try just cleaning the one you have to see if you can get the blade to seat all the way down.  Like I said elsewhere, after dumping we routinely open the dinette seat and physically push the blade down.  Make sure your black tank is clean!  Maybe put a few gallons of water, a detergent pod and a bleach pod in before you leave home and let it agitate around while driving, then dump when you get there.  Good luck!  Mike

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These valves all need some sort of regular lubrication. You don’t have to spend a bunch on branded lubricants. A few ounces of mineral oil very few dumps is helpful, to keep the seals soft and pliable. The oil will float on top of the water in the tanks and slosh around while towing. 

While you have them disconnected at the valves, remove the three inner wires entirely, clean, lube and reinstall. If they look nasty or rusted the entire assemblies should be replaced at some point. Take a look at this thread, your handles may be fine or they may be like mine were….


Good luck, I hope nothing unexpected pops up…

John Davies

Spokane WA

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Everything went great in regards to replacing the black tank waste valve. Only took 30 minutes to do. My first one ever. The fourth screw and nut was tricky to get to, but we got it. I had marked the metal cable with a marker before loosening the Allen nut so I knew what position it was in and how much extra I could provide if needed.  

The old waste valve was really catching on itself quite often there were quite a few burs on the valve "door" or "blade" itself. Factory defect. 

We have a blue shop towel under the pipe to watch for leaks. None yet in 7 hours with black tank at 50%. AND most importantly, our waste hose is remaining empty. Yay. 

NOTE: Two of the four bolts are longer than the other two. Those go through the top screw holes to account for the added plastic shroud that secures and covers the valve itself. And don't over tighten because it's just plastic. We put Vaseline on the valve seals so, one, they would stick to the the housing for easy placement, and give them slightly longer life. The old seals looked great along with the valve shroud itself, but again the blade itself was full of burs on edges. We just chucked everything. 

I did loosen the rubber coupler (the stainless steel clamps) so it would have more give and play to get the valve out between the two 3 inch pipes. That worked great. BUT, DON'T FORGET TO TIGHTEN THOSE BACK UP WHEN IT'S ALL DONE.




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2016 Legacy Elite II - Wayfinder - Hull 110  >>---<<  2020 RAM 1500 Limited

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Following . . . .

Husband reported leakage the last time we dumped the tanks.  Will try flushing out the black tank and adding some blade lubricant and see if this fixes the problem before inspecting the valves.

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