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2022 Elite 1 build - KTT Mattress


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Have researched the forum on all mattress options.  Question: Is the KTT Mattress comfortable for side sleepers?

Listed firmness is N5, but not sure it will be soft enough.

With material & shipping cost increases there is very little difference in the price between Southern Mattress & KTT.

Elite 1: KTT upgrade $1,200

Elite 1: Southern Mattress $950 ($800 + $150 shipping) - no longer will ship to Oliver, your home only.


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Ditto - side sleeper (with some badly compressed cervical discs and related stenosis btw, so I'm pretty  sensitive to pillow setup and mattress type), I like relatively firm but  not rock hard. The KTT felt a little soft at first touch but I sleep great on  to the point that I now am thinking I may need a latex mattress at home now to replace my 20 y/o memory foam mattress with its  divots. 

Is that Southern Mattress made of latex foam or some other material? We have a custom mattress maker near us (they also sell some standard models but have a significant business for custom work for things like RVs and boats) who quoted me well more than the KTT cost for a pair of latex mattresses for the E2, but they also quoted synthetic foam at a much  lower cost...

Jim and  Yanna, Woodinville WA

2004 Ford E250 camper conversion

Oliver Elite II hull #709

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Think the Southern Mattress is regular foam with a memory foam topper.  Read the KTT latex sleeps cooler which is a big plus in the Southwest.

Was hoping KTT N5 latex was medium to medium-soft for shoulder & hip pressure points.

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Moving a very heavy mattress to access the plumbing and jacks , etc, beneath the elite I bed would be a daunting task for me. And, I don't know where I'd put it. 

Hardrock had a custom mattress designed at Southern, split 1/3 , 2/3, so a portion could be lifted and moved over. Many boat mattresses are made this way, especially vberth. I thought it was a grand idea.

I wonder if ktt would do the same?


2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12



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