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  1. Hi I'm a side sleeper and I find the KTT mattress to be very comfortable. I like a firm mattress. Hope this helps. Pat
  2. We have the KTT mattresses and like them. But we also have the twin beds and the mattresses are heavy. I can move them around but it's not fun. I don't think that I would want them in the standard floor plan.
  3. Thanks Topgun2. That's the video I used. Pat
  4. Hi Ralph. I just reset our brackets for the Anderson. Our trailer is a 2018 and so is the Anderson. There is an installation video on the Anderson site which I watched before I started. Anderson recommends torquing the brackets at 75-90 ft-lbs. I set ours to 80 ft-lbs. Anderson also recommends that you install the set screw finger tight and then turn it 2 1/2 turns more. Our brackets ride at a slight angle on the frame with the top of the bracket back further than the bottom. We did a short trip this weekend on a winding mountain road in VA and the brackets stayed in place. Pat
  5. Hey Topgun2 I appreciate the suggestions. I'll give them a try. I think our main problem, though, is the tapered plastic sleeve that fits between the ball and the housing. I've been on the Anderson site and watched their video on replacing the sleeve. I've ordered a sleeve and when we get it we're going to replace it and hopefully the whole thing will work better. Oh, and we don't use a sledge hammer--we use a rubber mallet and count to 10 before we hit anything.
  6. Yeah, we're in the sledge hammer phase too. It's a very well done video and I appreciate Oliver taking the time to create it. But my Anderson hitch doesn't work at all the way the bright shiny new one does. It seems that our chains are never slack. The whale tail is never right. We have to whack the collar a bit to get that spring loaded piece to spring out. Hitching and unhitching are not the most fun parts of RV'ing
  7. We have the KTT mattresses. They're very comfortable - on the firm side. I'm a side sleeper and the KTT accommodates that sleep style well. I sit and read, surf and watch tv and I find the mattress to be fine for those activities too.
  8. We just went to our insurance agent and she shopped around for us. The company we have for auto and homeowners doesn't write RV insurance so she searched for the best deal that she could find from another company. We may not have gotten the best deal possible, but we got the coverage we wanted and, as SeaDawg said above, it's kind of a small expense after paying for the new tow vehicle and the Oliver.
  9. Wow, John what a wonderful post. The photos are terrific and the information is very helpful. We're hoping to get out west next year and really want to go to Glacier. I put this in my bookmarks.
  10. We have a 90 lb hound/lab mix. We put his bed in the entry and he stays there out of the way. I don't know how he does it, but he curls himself up into a small ball when he sleeps even when we are at home. During the day we mostly hang out outside anyway so we stay out of each other's way. We've only got one dog so I can't comment on how it would be with two. Ours is a big guy though.
  11. We tow our Oliver Legacy II with a 2018 Ford Expedition XLT with FX4 and heavy duty tow packages. It has a 3.73 rear end which I understand is important in towing. This is our first camper and our first towing experience. The Expedition/Legacy II combo is great. The Expedition has plenty of power to haul the Oliver around. My previous two vehicles were Toyota Highlanders and I was intimidated by the size of the Expedition initially, but it didn't take long to get used to it. It's very comfortable to ride in around town and on long trips. It seats 8 and honestly that third row seat is not bad to ride in. Our towing experience has been limited but it has been a lot easier than I thought it might be. We have the Ford back-up assist and the brake controller and they work wonderfully. The blind spot monitor extends back and covers the trailer when it is hooked up to the truck. I have the Ford safety suite although I haven't used the adaptive Cruise. The FX4 package got us 18 inch wheels and Michelin truck tires (no low profile tires for this truck). The backup camera in the truck is big enough to be useful (the one in the Highlander was way too small). My husband can back the truck up to the trailer and pretty much line the hitch ball up with the trailer tongue just by using the camera. We could easily take the Expedition on dirt/gravel roads. We're not doing Expedition Portal stuff--if we were we would have bought a raised teardrop-rooftop tent type thing and a 4Runner. But I'm confident that we can wander around on forest service roads, etc. One thing that I have not seen mentioned in this thread is vehicle payload. My Expedition is rated at 1600 lbs. When you are deciding which vehicle you want, you might want to consider that figure too. Think about how much stuff you'll travel with and whether your vehicle will be able to haul it. I think that being able to get your vehicle serviced anywhere is important and the Ford F150 is the largest selling vehicle in America. There are plenty of Ford dealers out there and that was important to us. I wanted an SUV for our day-to-day lives. My husband drives a regular cab Ford F150 so we have a truck for truck stuff. There will probably be a day when we're camping and towing when I'll wish I had a truck bed instead of an SUV. Dirty, wet, stinky stuff in the bed of a truck is better than that same stuff in the back of the SUV but so far that hasn't happened to us. Good luck with you choice and happy camping.
  12. That's very nice. Thank you for sharing.
  13. Hi we're newbies too and just picked up our new Oliver last week. We have a Ford Expedition with back up assist and the generator basket on our trailer. The sticker will fit on the Bulldog hitch right in front of the basket in the HORIZONTAL position. Backup assist is very helpful and I'm glad we have it.
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