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Traveling with cats


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Hi.  Apologies if this question has been asked already.  I don’t own an Ollie yet but really like what I’ve heard about them.  My major concern now is that when I finally hit the road, I’d like to travel with my 2 cats.  Not sure whether the Elite II is big enough. Does anyone else camp with cats and if so, where do you put litter box? Do they have enough room?  

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Try here: 


Not a cat person,  but hope it helps.

Are your cats harness and leash trained?

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Lornie and I have owned our LEII for a year and have traveled quite a bit with our two cats (and our dog).  We have the standard floor plan and we ordered the optional inside access hatch to the outside rear storage compartment without really knowing whether we would ever use it.  We quickly discovered we could place the cat litter box in the back storage area (i.e., outside the living space of the trailer) and leave the inside access hatch open to the storage area.  Cats go in and out to use it and as a bonus, only kick litter into the storage area and not onto the trailer floor.  Less odor as well.  Works perfect for us.

When we ordered our LEII, the inside access hatch option was only available on the standard floor plan but that may have changed.

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Steve and Lornie

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