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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience on with using a trailer dolly on gravel. I think I will pass this one by. I will definitely look to putting on a front hitch when I upgrade my current undersized TV. My current backing maneuver would probably be impossible to do if my TV was a full size pickup.
  2. In my current situation, I would only use it on the level. The only place I can store the LEII is in the backyard off of a one-way alley. I have to back the LEII about 200' down a very narrow alley and then cut it through a slightly angled 14' gate and then curve it to achieve a 90 degree turn before I hit the neighbors side-yard fence. Making the 90 degree turn without my tow vehicle hitting the side of the gate opening is a challenge. I am reasonably proficient but it would be much easier if I could just back it in through the gate, unhook, and then move it into the final parking spot u
  3. Great idea. The idea of relocating the forced air furnace return duct(s) is something I have independently identified as a must do since I have spent many nights recently in temperatures down into the teens and like others don't expect to have to worry about freezing water lines or cold batteries. The place that Oliver chose to located the single return vent in the LEII is the worst possible place they could have put it. Besides being the noisiest place, it compromises the function of a good forced air heating system. Placing the return so close to the supply ducts means much of the he
  4. Here are a few photos of the strike plate. I did notice the door hangs slightly lower on the handle side compared to hinge side, but it does not appear to affect the operation of the door in any way and the latch appears to be centered vertically in the strike plate.
  5. I did report the sticky door issue to Oliver and I told them that it appeared that the strike plate was not adjusted out enough given the thickness of the weatherstripping but the screws were tight against the adjusting channels (slots). I suggested to Oliver that I could file the adjustment channels where the screws go through the strike plate a bit to allow it to be adjusted more toward the outside of the doorway and Oliver said that is what they would probably do. Unfortunately, after I did that, I realized that the strike plate was already tight against the outside fiberglass shell so i
  6. The sticky keyless door handle is frustrating and can certainly cause feelings of panic when you can't open the door. We encountered the same problem on the way home from Hohenwald and the issue persists. I am reasonably sure that the issue is the weatherstripping on the inside of the door is very thick (works very well) but sometimes prevents the door from shutting tightly enough for the latch to extend fully into the door frame. I expect in a year or less when the weatherstripping naturally compresses a bit, the door handle will work like a charm. The problem occurs when you close the do
  7. What I have learned is that for later models of the Oliver with the Progressive Dynamics 2000 watt inverter, one does not need to upgrade the converter when switching to Lithium Ion batteries. I ordered my LE II last February before Oliver offered an LI option. At the time of ordering I asked Oliver if they could put in the LI version of the PD 4045 (or preferably the PD 4060) but they could not accommodate me. I decided I would wait until I had changed out my batteries to LI and would buy the conversion unit and put it in myself. However, once I picked up the trailer and switched out
  8. John Davies advice is spot on (as usual). The GX 460 is not at all a good choice for towing an LE II. However, If you are in a situation where you already own a GX 460 and are not in a position to upgrade your tow vehicle immediately, the GX 460 may serve as a safe "bridge vehicle" to tow the LE II until you can upgrade, especially if the alternative is passing on the LE II altogether. I faced this situation last year when I was looking at trailers I could tow with my 2004 4Runner V8 Limited (200,000 miles), a vehicle that would tow the smaller Elite easily. Alas, I toured an Elite 1 a
  9. We picked up our Ollie II in August (Hull 657) and had what may be the same or related problem. In our case, we could not get into the trailer at a gas station. We had not locked either the latch or the deadbolt. After much anguish I finally got it open and figured out that the strike plate was very slightly misaligned from the factory and needed to be adjusted out maybe a 16th to 32nd of an inch. Otherwise, when the door was closed softly, the latch failed to extend all the way into the striker plate when the door was otherwise closed and latched. After several hundred miles of driving,
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