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  1. This doesn't have anything to do with the original post but it's good heads up info for anyone using the less expensive PI portable surge protector. For about 6 months we were using the PI SSP-30XL Portable RV Smart Surge Protector instead of the onboard one because the onboard one frequently tripped our power. Conveniently, about two weeks prior to our Ollie service appointment our 30 amp shore power plug quit working. (We have another one by the propane tanks that we used instead.) According to Oliver service, the shore power plug quit working because the relay switch burned up &, that low power most likely caused the relay switch to fail. Most importantly, the portable surge protector does not monitor low power. Diagnostics on our onboard surge protector showed it was working fine but after digging a little further, the Oliver tech noticed that our shore power cord was dry rotted near the prongs. We replaced shore power cord & have had no problems.
  2. Uneventful story. About 30 minutes after leaving Oliver Service, TPMS alarmed that my back left tire had a slow leak so I turned around & went back to the Oliver campground. That was the wonderful roadside assistance man from Libby's Auto & Diesel Towing who, instead of simply swapping out bad tire with spare (which is what he is supposed to do per contract with Progressive) fixed my valve stem in the freezing rain so that I would not have to continue my journey without a spare. So thankful! Chris
  3. A VIAIR air compressor... Thankful for the TPMS. And for Progressive Roadside Assistance. Chris
  4. That's a "no" on the forklift taking your camper from the campground to service. These were my instructions from Mike via email: "You all would bring the camper over at 8am and you would just pull up in between the campers and vehicles. You would then come in the glass door let Mrs. Crystal know you are here for service she will come get me or Jason. We will then walk outside with you and go over the camper and the work that is scheduled to be done." I must admit, I did not ask if they would come get it - only what to do. Campground is close. I'm parked in site #4. Chris
  5. Nothing works. After trying several products designed to clean mold and several products designed to clean other tough stains (CLR, Tidy Bowl, Hull cleaner, TSP) I thought, what the heck & soaked one overnight in undiluted outdoor bleach. Nothing. Buy the black ones.
  6. It was a lovely fall evening at new Oliver Campground!
  7. Anything is doable! We have two 60# doodles & chose RV travel partly [mostly] because of them. It's great & it's a pain. They are fabulous security alarms & motivators to get out on the trails. How particular are you about cleanliness? 🐾 Invest in a good cordless vacuum. 🐾 We have two Grassworx clean machine doormats (Ace) one outside, one inside - if they made a runner, I'd buy it. 😁 🐾 Buy throw rugs you won't mind tossing in a dumpster. 🐾 We all use the microfiber camp towels [everyone has their own color] which are great for wiping off dog feet--before they jump on your bed. (Terrycloth never dries, ever.) 🐾 Shower door stays open because bowl is in shower on top of Foy's beautiful mat. 🐾 So that our pups won't become projectiles while traveling, we harness & secure with seatbelt attachments, all purchased on Amazon. 🐾 Hubby built a platform so they can see out the window without standing plus it creates storage underneath. 🐾 Important: put together a doggy first aid kit. 🐾 More important: train them well. [Mine are so-so, but we're working on it.] They make traveling fun!
  8. Re the black streaks, I tried a black streak remover but found using a "cleaner wax" (I used Collinate #920) required much less elbow grease. Even though the cleaner wax made Ollie look good, I followed up with a good paste wax (#885) to really boost her shine & protection.
  9. Always love the little mom & pop places. They have the quirky local goods & some are also the liquor store. "I♡Publix" Lakeland, FL (home) is blessed to be the headquarters for Publix. They have given generously to our community.
  10. The decal on front of fridge is genius! No more doggy nose prints - at least not that you can see.
  11. I should've used amber ... 😁
  12. Duke & I are so sad that we will miss this. We made some forever friendships at the first one. ☹
  13. Wow, great photos! Thank you for sharing!
  14. We enjoy KOAs when it's time to deep clean the Ollie & do laundry. Another plus is all of the ones we've been to have had a fenced area to let the dogs off leash.
  15. The first couple years, I shoved a decorative pillow in the microwave to keep the glass plate safe. Last year, I found a plastic container at Dollar General to store bread in & miraculously, it fits inside the microwave perfectly. Toilet brush holder has held for three years with velcro. 2.5 gal water container goes on shower floor. Misc things on counters and anything else that might shift goes into a softsided container under the dinette. Those plastic coated wire twists are handy for lashing big things to the table leg. It's all part of the fun. Enjoy your new Ollie! Chris
  16. Welcome to the Oliver family. We enjoyed showing you our Oliver Wednesday evening. Now there are three Oliver's in Polk County. Duke and Chris hull 292
  17. Thanks for sharing with the group, now we know who to contact if we have A/C questions. Duke and Chris
  18. Yep, I learned the hard way about that too. While traveling, I've played with ours in both modes & noticed that many times when traveling through a city that has a loop/alternate road option, if Garmin thinks you're a car it will route you on the loop/alternate road. If Garmin thinks you're an RV it will route you right through the middle of the dang city.
  19. Ours isn't stark at all ... 🤔
  20. Check out Ollie owner, Debbie LaFleiche's blog about this very subject. https://supersizelife.com/but-where-do-you-put-a-cat-litter-box-in-an-rv/
  21. https://issuu.com/rvcampingmagazine/docs/rv_0721_fn?mode=window
  22. Looking for a birthday gift for he-who-never-locks-a-door, I started researching keyless entry locks & came across one made by Bauer that is also bluetooth. On Amazon it's $255. Direct from manufacturer it's $275. Although the keycode entry is all I really wanted, for $30 more, the proximity feature & being able to lock the door when already tucked into bed are nice perks. Your thoughts? Chris
  23. Sadly, we're wrapping up our travels, for now. Time to start planning our fall adventure to to add West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois to travel map. Any "must see" suggestions appreciated!
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