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Step for Composting Toilet


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Here's a pretty easy project for owners of the Nature's Head toilet - a step to make the seat a more reasonable height.  It's a slightly modified version of this new step from Squatty Potty.  Since it's wood, it looks a lot better than the original plastic one, and also makes it pretty easy to modify.  I wanted something that wouldn't take up most of the floor, so that we could leave it out and not have to worry about where to store it, so I scribed and cut notches on the legs to match the floor offset.  That way it sits flush against the toilet and leaves plenty of room.  As a bonus, the factory cutout matches the front of the Nature's Head pretty well without any modification.  The legs do fold, so you could use it right out of the box if you wanted, and would be relatively easy to store - or just tip it up against the toilet.  But making the notches and resealing it was a simple task and I kind of like that it looks a bit custom.  

It's polyurethaned and the hardware is chromed, so I suppose you could leave it out when showering, but it's easy enough to just prop it up behind the shower curtain so I'm sure that's what we'll do.  I wish it were stained a bit darker to match the shower mat, but I wasn't concerned enough about it to bother with the sanding and staining.  For a quick, two hour project, I think it turned out pretty well, and ended up just about the perfect height.


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That looks great, and I'm sure it works great, too!

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7 hours ago, Overland said:
7 hours ago, Overland said:

Post a pic when you get it. I’d love to see Foy’s version. 


Exchanged emails with Foy today and we've decided to wait until I can pull exact dimensions from the '22, just in case.  

We have a Nature's Head in our current van, mounted on a pull-out tray, and even my 5'11" husband finds the height challenging.For this modified Potty Squatty, with your notches, what is the distance from the top of the wooden stool to the top of the toilet seat? 



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