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Furrion Radio Speaker Hum Buzz

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Hull 724.  Picked up in January.  Ran into a few snags but nothing OTT and I couldn't handle EXCEPT one.  There is a humm coming from the speakers when I use Blu tooth on the Furrion radio. I've had that radio out so many times trying to isolate the problem and I would really appreciate some help.  First I figured the hum might be from the solar connectors...they are in the same box and carry serious electricity. Alas, no.  I flipped the solar panel switch and the hum remained.  Just for good measure and because I like to organize rat's nest I wrapped the solar electric cords in copper tape to prevent electric interference from bleeding into the Furrion radio.  

The next thing I tried was to fix the ground loop thinking that might be the cause of the hum.  I bought a 30 amp noise filter  https://www.amazon.com/Install-Bay-IBNF30-Noise-Filter/dp/B00691PDQK but that didn't work either...even after grounding it to the head unit housing and then, when that didn't work, running a ground wire from the receptacle ground and using that.

I thought maybe trying to use the black ground line from the Furrion but I don't think that would make a difference.  I might just have to deal with the hum.

Would really appreciate your help. Thanks all!

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A quick Google search brought up a number of complaints across several brands of trailers with a similar problem.  Replacing a poor ground, or a firmware update from Furrion for certain models, resolved the issue for many people.

Have you contacted Furrion customer service? 


And, welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your new Oliver. 

2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

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I'd think that IF the buzz is only when using bluetooth, that the problem will end up being software, either on the unit or perhaps on the phone.  I might try streaming from a different device just to rule that out.  But Seadawg's suggestion to give Furrion a call seems wise at this point.  

Otherwise, I've run into the same problem as John M with a home speaker, so it's certainly a possibility.  And I guess a torn speaker cone is possible, too, unless of course the buzz is coming from all four.  

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