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Seelevel tank monitor mystery ( to me) error code


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I’ve got an error code ( at least that’s what I think it is) on the tank monitor, sort of an upside down and backwards F.. I’d had the lithium batteries disconnected for the last month or so and had just got everything back together.. 

The pump switch works fine, but no amount of pushing on those other buttons will get the screen to change. I figured it was wired to the 12v panel, but it isn’t labeled as such. I hauled out all the fuses one by one just the same to see if I could at least get it to flicker or something… no luck. 
all other electrical systems are just fine.. Batteries at 49%. I’ve been through the trouble shooting section in the owners manual without success. 

Any thoughts? I’m sure it’s something simple I’m overlooking so thanks in advance..



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I would certainly follow AndrewK's advice above.

The following screenshots are from the SeeLevel II manual.
It looks like there are 2 power wires to the panel.  One for the display and one for the pump and the pump circuit is working ok. 

The picture below shows the character in your picture and it’s a T.  And the solution is to see the wiring diagnostic section.   Seems like good place to start since you reinstalled the batteries.

You should be able to access the back of the display through the pantry to verify the panel wiring connector.


This last picture picture references frozen or unresponsive displays.


Good luck!


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My spouse is a major University Department IT Supervisor.  Her troubleshooting skills are amazing.  So when I am having a problem for anything that even looks at all close to being computer based, I employ a four phased approach:

First, I do a hard reboot.  Then I drag out the owners manuals and search the Oliver University and hopefully the answer if there.  If not, I check the Oliver Owner's Forum.  When all else fails, I don't mention my first three approaches and pretend that the issue just happened, and call out to my wife "Honey can you look at this please".  Over time, I have found that the odds of success are about 25% for each approach!

Now for the married owners, it may, or may not be wise to mention the first three approaches to your spouse.   🙂


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