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pancake compressor..?


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1 hour ago, mtkadan said:

.is it worth bringing along on this upcoming roadtrip

The answer to your question depends on so many variables that it is almost impossible to answer.

Assuming that you have an inverter that is capable of running this compressor, have the room for it, and it has the capacity to inflate or blow out all of the things you have in mind then the only other questions that remain are what level of risk are you willing to accept.  If you are only traveling a few hundred miles, are planning on being near "services" (places where you can either get roadside assistance or other help), your running gear is in top form (i.e. tires are fairly new with good tread and are in good shape), will not be venturing on questionable roads or non-roads and have plenty of time to be left stranded on the side of the road, then don't take it.

No matter where I go I always have three sources of air with me - a small 12 volt air compressor (110 PSI), a can of compressed air (used mainly for blowing dust/dirt out of places, and a can of tire repair gunk to be used in case my tire repair kit will not work for repairing a puncture.  I've never taken my "portable" shop compressor since it is too heavy, too big, and unnecessary given the other stuff listed above.


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This is what we carry.  Does everything we need on the road.  Cannot imagine us needing the capacity and volume of a pancake compressor, given what we would need to offload to accommodate the additional weight/space.


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