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How to: Search OTT Forums using Google's search engine


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I have been reading forum postings for nearly two years and have come across a wealth of useful information.  In preparation for delivery of our LEII on 1/18/22, I have often wanted to retrieve information I had previously read, or to conduct a new search on a particular topic.  Searching the forum postings using the native search capabilities has proven to be very frustrating and seldom producing the desired information.

My son reminded me Google's search engine can be used to search within websites.  To search the Oliver Travel Trailer Forums do the following:

I expect you will find the Google search results much more useful.

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This is an old topic, it seems that every generation of forum members has complained about the forum search capabilities.  Thank you for bumping it and adding to the discussion.

This link covers the topic as well.  


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Started doing that right after I got on here.  Took me a bit to figure out that hitting 'replies' would let me see the latest replies for a topic, vs clicking and scrolling.

So much of this stuff is limited by the website solution software they implemented vs just buying forum specific software.  Few forum software packages seem to have good search tools.

But overall, it's not too bad and easy to read.

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