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  1. If you are looking for an app to record all sorts of miscellaneous information, I recommend Evernote. See www.evernote.com. The free version is quite capable. There are versions for all popular platforms, including WIndows/Mac/iOS/Android. There are also web clipper plugins for all major browsers, which enable quickly saving of webpages, or portions of webpages. Multiple notebooks can be created with unlimited notes in each. The search capabilities are good and keywords are also supported. Evernote is cloud based and capable of syncing to multiple heterogeneous devices. The premium (pa
  2. I second the SeaDawg's recommendation of Shoe Goo. Several times while traveling, my wife has had sections of hiking boots or walking/running shoes come loose and flap around. Shoe Goo does an excellent job re-attaching the loose parts. I also experimented with various clamps, but have settled on using thick rubber bands stretched across the area being glued. Having about 8-10 thick rubber bands will provide the capability to fix nearly any area of a shoe. Carrying a batch of rubber bands around is also much easier than C-clamps and other tools. Also handy to have available is a roll of
  3. Susan, Since my postings in May, I did more research on towing with a BMW X5 35d, including the Bimmer Forums for which you provided a link. I found a number of cases where owners of similar vehicles were successfully towing loads similar to an Oliver LEII. Best of all, though, I connected through the Oliver forum with the owner of an LEII, using an X5 35d at TV. We have had several conversations in which I posed many questions. As a result of these conversations, I am inclined to use our X5 35d to tow an LEII, when we are ready. However, due to the pandemic, we have not proceede
  4. Thanks to all for the warm welcomes. It is great to know there are some Ollie owners in TX, even as close as Ft. Worth. Thanks also for the comments and suggestions regarding use of our BMW X5 35d as tow vehicle for an LE II. I have spent quite a bit of time investigating the questions of towing capacity and use of WDS on this vehicle. The BMW X5 owner's manual is silent on trailer towing and WDS. I have been unable to find anything appearing to be a BMW official position on WDS, but many references to BMW recommending against use of WDS. When we purchased the X5, I installed a
  5. My wife, Jan, and I became interested in travel trailers as a means for better access to photography sites, especially in the Western U.S. We are avid photographers and have taken a number of car trips to sites in the West. We learned quickly that desirable accommodations are seldom located near the sites we wished to photograph, making it difficult to reach remote sites at the most favorable hours. My wife was not excited about my suggestion to rent an RV. We have no experience with RVs and she has generally disliked using rental cars, much less an RV we would eat and sleep in. Trav
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