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Scanned cable channels

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We are at a KOA and decided to connect the Vizio TV to their provided cable service.  Our ni antenna light is off, the TV settings is on automatic, the search for channels is complete.  However it shows a lot of channels but not the true cable channels.  It shows 68 digital channels, but only goes up to 40.  KOA checked connection with a tv out at the cable connection provided and they can get channels 41-97 without any problem.  Why can't we get that.  Any ideas?


#837 Just getting started.

TV is 2020 Durango Citadel or 2021 Dodge 1500 diesel V6.  2021

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I am not sure about the vizio tv.  We have the Jensen tv and we have to make a decision on doing the search on cable or antenna.  Once we make that selection we do the scan.  We did have an issue in  Tampa RV park that park had cable box that we had to hook up and the first box was bad.  Hope you can get it sorted 

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