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Las Vegas RV Parks and Foreign Visitors renting a RV

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Just a real surprise to us.  When we bought our first Airstream, Cousin to Oliver, in 2006 we began at a RV Park in Boulder City, Nevada.

The RV Park in Boulder City was NOT the big surprise. What we FOUND to be a quirk in International Travel Trailer rentals and having this RV Park as their last stop, was a surprise.

When the content travelers returned,from their USA Adventure... with the Rental RV needed to be left clean and empty... they had, also, purchased all the other necessary supplies and hardware for their time spent camping.  So far, so good?  Good for us.

The surprise was made when I was taking a bag of Trailer Trash to the dumpster.... there was all this 'good stuff' siting around the dumpster.  Left as the foreign traveler's could not haul it TO the USA, nor haul it OUT of the USA on an Airplane.  I am never embarrassed.  My wife, maybe... but I am sly and often the trash hauler to the dumpster, anyways. Even a Tent.  Propane Grill.  Cylinders for the Grill.  If you liked Easter Egg Hunts... you and I are among company.

As I am an opportunist when it comes to finding  "one man's trash is another man's Treasure"

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A few summers ago we rented 2 class C motor homes for a trip through the southwest. (Our friends and my sister and brother in law didn't have enough vacation time to drive out there with their own RVs, so we flew out.) When we got to Phoenix we purchased everything we needed that we couldn't bring on the plane. After a couple of weeks on the road we returned to Phoenix to return the rental units. But first, we gave our little charcoal grill to a young couple in a van and everything else to a seasonal camper in the last campground. He said the regulars there have monthly bingo nights and our gear would be handed out as prizes or given to campers with a need. Fine with us. (It turned out to be an awesome trip the summer before COVID, so we lucked out.)

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Stephanie and Dudley from CT.  2022 LE2, Hull #1150: Eggcelsior.

Tow vehicle: 2016 GMC Sierra 6.0 gas dually 4x4.

Our Oliver journey: Steph and Dud B's RV Screed

Where we've been RVing since 1999:


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Over the decades, we've rented or delivered rental rvs to many locations.

Many rv rental places used to have "sharing" areas. People left food, grills, propane canisters,, etc. If we found something there, like a nice grill, we'd return it at the end if our trip. (Our friend who has a rental rv company in Alaska eliminated the sharing table, at the suggestion of his insurance company.) We've benefited from grills, spices, etc., in Australia,  New Zealand, and other countries. 

Like @Steph and Dud B, we've given a lot of things away at last or next to last night. Usually to tent or van campers close by, or that we've met in the common area.

In Alaska, on our multiple delivery trips, we stop at my cousin's cabin near Denali for a few nights, to help her with projects and catch up. We offload chairs, grill, blankets,  extra groceries, etc. What's open, she uses. The other stuff, she takes to her church, where it get distributed to those in need.

We keep just enough to keep us going for a final night at Lake Matanuska, where we have a picnic table, so no chairs necessary.

A side story. We camped one time with friends from Minnesota.  One of their chairs broke, we had three, so we gave them one of ours. It became the "traveling chair," and we got photos from fun places of "the traveling chair." A few years later, we met them on a trip to Alaska. They returned the chair. It went on several thousand miles to my cousin in Alaska, went home to them in Wyoming at the end of season, and the saga continues.  Some things are just plain fun. This well traveled chair is one.

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2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12



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