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'New' Trailer Jack Block

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Just wanted to share an item that I've found recently that I'm pretty impressed with.  I have used various pieces of treated lumber in the past and will still carry a few for sloped sites where I need to lower the bow more, but I recently was looking for a better (and safer) option for the front jack post while parked in my driveway or at level sites.  

It's called an Ox Blox.

They can be purchased in a pack (4) for the rear stabilizers as well. I only ordered one for now to test it out as it's a little pricey for a hunk of 9# plastic, but so far, I really like it.   It can support up to 10K pounds.   I added the knotted red rope handles for ease of use.   I know there are other options like Andersen but I'm liking it's low profile and the recycled plastic.




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57 minutes ago, Trainman said:

I'm using two blocks of wood that I had for the last 45 years, still work great.


That's impressive! My understanding is that treated lumber isn't what it used to be and I've actually had some split. We had part of our deck replaced last summer and it's already showing signs of warping! 

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2020 Toyota Tundra TRD Sport 5.7L V8 

2017 Oliver Legacy Elite II  Hull #184 ~ "ILOVHER"

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