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  1. I ordered a replacement plate. $17 with shipping is a bit steep for something that apparently doesn't last very long. The negative reviews on Amazon say the plate has a very short life expectancy...but I drank the kool aid and I'm pleased. Easy install. Hopefully, it won't crack again.
  2. We bought this generator too from Sam's Club back in early April for the $399 price. We do have the MicroAir Easystart. We figured out that the water heater draws 1200 watts so we had to shut that off before starting the A/C. We bought the grounding plug and so far it exceeds our expectations as well in terms of low decibel sound and power.
  3. I decided to reinforce the fridge hinge with the LHC reinforcement bracket. Since my Dometic is the same primary design as the one that was in my Casita, I know the benefit of strengthening that part of the door. I've know a couple owners who have broken their door and Dometic's prices for parts is astronomical! I added the button guard in addition. As far as the fridge front, I added a metal decorative sticker to the front panel for aethetics and to try to keep the front from fingerprints. I just didn't like the black. I don't recommend the film I bought as it was a bear to install without a few bubbles and another person to help!
  4. I have extensive experience with Krylon from my days with my Casita. I think the ILOVHER will probably end up with a new quality weatherproof cover that will open a bit farther. Thanks for your input!
  5. Hi All, I was thinking of replacing the exterior outlet cover with something more user friendly. Has anyone replaced theirs? Not only has mine yellowed but I don't find it easy to flip open and insert plugs or cords with transformers/adapters as it doesn't fully extend or open. I had something like the attached on my Casita and it worked just fine. Any opinions or experience appreciated!
  6. I used a square dowel rod cut to size and used Gorilla construction glue to hold it to the door. After it dried I just used screws to affix the holder to the dowel. This is the link for the bag holder. There are many choices in design but this worked well for my needs. Here is the link for the rack. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U86KJG6/ref=cm_sw_r_u_apap_KJZLBqNUa9LkA Happy modding!
  7. I'll look in to these..I know how crazy expensive the parts are for Dometic. Having a stretchy bungey between these might just work!
  8. I understand the benefits of most of these things but I tend to try to be as level as possible (within 6 degrees) for the absorption fridge. I'd like to figure out a way to keep the door from swinging open so far. Thanks!
  9. Has anyone modded the fridge door to stop it from swinging so far open? Whenever I have items to load into my Dometic, the door wants to swing way into the entryway that I'm afraid it's going to break off! I've already installed the reinforcement plate from Little House Customs on the top if the door but I'd like to have some kind of door stop in place. In my Casita, the flange on the outside prevented the door from swinging out like this. I thought about a nylon strap fixed to the bottom but I can't seem to figure out how to install it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Stony Fork Campground near Wytheville, VA.. A real gem! Nice deep sites (only 40+), multiple trout streams, clean restrooms/showers. received_971523106724921.mp4
  11. I know that there are fire bans in many places especially out west but I live and camp primarily where campfires are still allowed. Maybe if I get to go out west again, I'll invest in one of those cute firepits. As far as a blackstone, I'm old school and still like my old Sunbeam grill, tiny and portable and my trusty cast iron pans!
  12. Maybe someday I'll buy a Blackstone or a firepit but for the most part I carry a five pound tank and almost always set up near the picnic table. I imagine at a concert, festival or car race having a way to cook near your trailer would be nice. If I have to re-plumb the whole thing, I don't see the original function. I'd be interested in the parts to do it however in case I want it in the future. Thanks for your help everyone!
  13. I owned a Casita for nearly ten years before my ILOVHER in the Midwest and I never had any moisture problems or odors with the carpeted walls. Any condensation was usually found on the single paned windows during cold weather. The carpet stayed very clean and never was musty although I rarely cooked in her. As others have said.. Airflow, Heat and/or A/C usage along and with Damprid are needed in most RVs.
  14. I kinda figured that.. My Eureka has a proprietary fitting so I'm sure that isnt going to work. As you can see the grill has its own ancient reg and it just literally sets inside the tube.. So I guess I wont be using it for anything. What appliances do work??
  15. I don't see myself using the propane quick connect fitting on the curbside often as I usually set up a kitchen under a canopy but I thought I'd play around with it to see if it worked I ordered a fitting to connect to my Eureka stove and my ANCIENT Sunbeam grill (lava rocks even!) they take one pound canisters and everything connected properly.. I did pull the sleeve back, clicked in and turned the lever on the quick connect...and no go. Both onboard propane tanks are full and open. There's Just a tiny bit of gas flowing and a tiny flame on both the stove and grill. I don't claim to know much about regulators or propane fittings but are these regulators just too many in line after the main? How does this work or will it work? I went to the back by the bumper to see if that one worked and its been capped off. It's not absolutely necessary but Id like to know how it operates! Thanx for any input!
  16. Thank you so much! I think my husband already bought the fan so I'll have him look at the rest of this..thanx again!
  17. I primarily boondock...partly cuz nowadays, it's so busy, you have to! I am prohibitively far from the factory for this mod even if it's offered free. I can adjust to 20 gallons or so as I had only 15 in my Casita. Just seems a waste of space and a poor design especially because now I have a tank monitor that is also essentially useless. KISS principal was lost here. I'm not complaining really...ILOVHER but this is something I'll have to mod eventually.
  18. I would like to see better design of the fresh water tank. I'm not a fan of the 'boondocking pump valve changing lifting mattress thing' nor the fact that I can't access all of the fresh water available. (I think I read about a mod to spin weld an access port with a special tube but I'm not sure how to do that myself) Why take a simple concept and make it more complicated? KISS principal I say. I just want to pour or siphon the water into the tank and call it a day.
  19. Yeah, I don't stress this kind of stuff unless it's a major appliance. I'm just working the bugs out as this is only my second trip in ILOVHER. I will say this fridge doesn't stay as cold as my old 2007 Dometic (although same model). I never had a fan for it in my Casita and never needed one, even in the desert. I usually would take the vent covers off in hot weather, maybe clip a small electric fan on it and call it a day!
  20. Husband is an electrical engineer..I'm pretty sure he can troubleshoot it. He's just not with me this trip. My trailer has the fan held on by rubber bumpers in the upper outside fridge compartment. I know because I replaced the washers holding it in with stainless. Maybe I bumped something when replacing although it worked yesterday. I will have him look at the thread you sent. Maybe it's a bad fuse.? We had a ton of rain here so maybe something shorted?
  21. I guess I'm not following about the manual switch in that thread. I can replace the fan if necessary with the exact model but I want to troubleshoot this one as it was just working yesterday!
  22. Ive been using a ceramic spray.. Nice and easy!
  23. On a trip and the fridge fan quit. The interior switch lights but the fan doesn't run. It worked earlier today. Is this just an easy replaceable computer fan?
  24. Good article.. sums it up nicely! I've had more interior likes than dislikes..but the ones who dislike it, are few.. AND incidently, are not invited to camp with me anyway!.. LOL.. Thanks for sharing.
  25. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.amazon.com/Triangle-Resistant-Silicone-Stainless-17-5x9-2/dp/B07VPCY4G5&ved=2ahUKEwj2t7SH7p7xAhXjdc0KHTBaC0wQFjAAegQIBBAC&usg=AOvVaw2XaMSdaDT9MslphA_bHQAF
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