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Replacement awning

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Ok-...My fault...I moved the trailer without bringing the awning back in !

Needs to be replaced.

This happened mid-September last year.

I have had a new one ordered through a local "RV" place.

Here it is mid March...still no awning...

Girard is telling them that it is a "custom" awning...that is what is taking so long ...

How can it be "custom" ?... they must make 500-600 a year for Oliver...

Starting to get..."crazy"...


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Our original awning (2008) suffered from a bowed arm and saggy fabric. (Yes,  we often leave it out when we have a moderate rain.)

Oliver hooked us up with a direct replacement,  at a reasonable price. 

I second Bill's suggestion,  if you are anywhere near Hohenwald.  Or, if you just want to revisit beautiful middle Tennessee.  Put in a service ticket.

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Slight deviation from the original intent of the thread... But,

Has anyone experience in adding a manual street side awning?  I installed a Fiamma on my Casita - not tough at all, but the OTT awning is 4 feet longer.  Could be challenging, I'm thinking.


Art, Diane, Oscar & Magnus (double-Aaarrf!)

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29 minutes ago, Lee Cappelletti said:

Bellingham WA is a bit of a drive..

When Bellingham comes up, it always make we want to go to Boundary Bay Brewing Co. 

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