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re-installing rear egress window


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we had to replace the glass in our rear egress window because of an altercation with a weedeater and some rocks (argh).  anyway…when the window was pulled out 4 black clip-like plastic pieces fell out and my husband didn’t see how they were installed.  We are wondering if anyone could tell us how to use these?  are they necessary?

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Can you post a picture of the clips?

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Your rear window is likely double pane. The clips, as photoed, appear to be wide/ created for double pane. 

In Florida,  I'd have taken the mess to Suncoast Design.

I'm sorry for your troubles. 

I don't have your windows, so I'd open a ticket, and ask for installation instruction manual, specifically. Possibly just shims. The clips served a purpose,  at some point. 

Best of luck to you.

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Those look like shim clips to make the window tight against the sill.  I could get a better idea by looking at the hole and the window.  


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On 1/29/2024 at 6:33 PM, Jason Foster said:

The shims are talked about here (time stamp 6:30):


this is helpful I guess the pieces must all be for spacing.  If we can’t figure it out I’ll open a ticket.  And yes it’s 2018 TB model.  Thanks everyone!


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