Referral Program

Purchased an Oliver Travel Trailer?

Join our Referral Program and each time you show your Oliver Travel Trailer to a potential customer and they purchase a new Oliver Travel Trailer from us, you will earn a $250 Cash Referral Reward!
Referral Program

Earn a $250 Referral Reward for showing your Oliver Travel Trailer!

Regardless if you found a prospective owner yourself, they found you or if Oliver arranged the field visit, anytime you show your trailer to a prospective customer, you can earn up to a $250 cash Referral Reward if that person purchases a new Oliver Travel Trailer. If you are opted into our Referral Program on our website, you will automatically be added to the map on our See An Ollie page. Potential customers can click the map icons to view information about your trailer and request to view it through a form on our website. You will be notified by email that someone is requesting to view your Oliver Travel Trailer. Our sales office will follow up and help if necessary to make arrangements for the viewing. Once the field visit has taken place you will need to mail us a Referral Card with details of the field viewing or you can submit a Referral Card online. If the person purchases a new Oliver Travel Trailer, we will reward you with a $250 check for just showing off your Oliver Travel Trailer. Super easy!

Note: Referral Rewards may occasionally be split between owners when the prospect views multiple trailers before purchasing a new Oliver Travel Trailer.

How to Join our Referral Program..

  1. Click here to Register on our website
  2. Activate your account through the email we send you.
  3. Once your account is activated, go to your profile and click the gear icon on the right, just below the banner image at the top.
  4. Edit your profile by updating or adding your First and Last Name, phone number, email address and information about your Oliver Travel Trailer. Opt-into the Referral Program be selecting “Yes, I am willing to show my travel trailer to potential customers.” Be sure to add your City and State in the Referral section of your profile so you will be placed on the See An Ollie map. None of your personal information is viewable to the public. Only yourself and website administrators can see this information when viewing your profile. The information is used for notification purposes only.
  5. Request Referral Cards anytime by calling our Sales Office at 1-888-526-3978 or (931) 796-1178. When you show your trailer to a potential customer, fill out the Referral Card with the details of the field visit and drop it in the mail. Postage is paid. This allows Oliver Travel Trailers to keep a record of the people you show your trailer to and if they purchase a new unit, we will know who to issue the Referral check to. You can also submit Referral Cards online by clicking here.

How do you remove yourself from the See An Ollie Referral Program Map?

If you sell your Oliver Travel Trailer or just wish to not show your trailer, either temporarily or permanent, you can opt-out of the online Referral Program at anytime by editing your profile and select “No, I do not want to show my travel trailer to potential customers.” This will remove the icon from the map on the See An Ollie page and you will no longer receive Referrals from Oliver Travel Trailers. You can opt back in anytime by simply editing your profile and selecting Yes. Even though you are opted out on our website, you can still show your trailer and mail in the Referral Cards to register the viewing or submit the Referral Card online.


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