Recreational Vehicle Or Travel Trailer? Pros and Cons

Recreational Vehicle Or Travel Trailer
November 24, 2014

When going on a road trip, it’s not always fun to take a small car and stay in motels. No, to see the countryside and cities alike, one should consider their options. Some consider a recreational vehicle, and others consider a travel trailer. Both are helpful for a person who is on a road trip, and here are three pros and three cons to each option.

Travel Trailer pros:

Cheaper: Generally, when making a long road trip, people will want to save a few bucks. It’s not easy when going for hundreds of miles. To save gas, and enjoy lower expenses, one should get a travel trailer. Then, one will have lower initial and long-term expenses. To find the right one, it’s wise to check out travel trailer reviews as there are plenty of options.

Leave it behind: Now, when on the road, it’s easy to leave the travel trailer at the campsite. Then, the truck owner can zip around town to pick up supplies. This will save time and money. To find the right one, a person should head to travel trailer dealers in his or her area.

Last longer: Think about it, an RV will not last as long as a travel trailer as it requires an engine and moving parts that the travel trailer doesn’t require. In the long run, it’s easy to save time and money because of this.

travel trailer pros and cons

Travel trailer cons:

One more thing to go wrong: Now, think about this, when on the road, one mistake can leave the entire family on the side of the road with a travel trailer; one will have to worry about breakdowns of the truck and issues with the trailer. On the other hand, when driving an RV, one will only have to worry about this. To avoid most problems, it’s smart to check out travel trailer reviews and find one that is reliable.

Recreational vehicle pros:

No setup: With an RV, the family can load it up and hit the toad. This is in stark contrast when compared to a travel trailer where one will have to hook it up and make sure everything is in order.

No worries: Think about how a trailer is attached to a truck and its easy to see why this is a scary proposition. On the other hand, with an RV, one will not have to worry about connections.

Hang out: In some cases, when the vehicle is in motion, one can’t hang out in the trailer, which makes the entire road trip not as fun. Luckily, when checking out travel trailer dealers, one can find a trailer that is comfortable while on the road.


Expensive: Sadly, unless one has a lot of money, they probably can’t afford an RV as they can cost a lot of money. Not only that, when on the road, they are more expensive to operate.

Hard to maneuver: Without great driving skills, one will struggle with an RV. Yes, the reality is, when in an RV, a motorist will feel like they are driving a bus.

Slower: When on the road, one can’t drive an RV as fast. This makes the road trip slow down while in boring areas.

When looking to get an RV or trailer, one should really choose a trailer.

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