Got Tarps - Part 2

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All American Poly Farm Tarp

Putting a tarp on the ground under your travel trailer’s awning is a whole lot like adding a floor to a spare room. And if you add a screen room kit to the awning for walls you do indeed have a spare room.

Talk about a great thing to have on an extended Trout fishing trip ! What a great place to keep all of those waders, creels, fly rod’s and stuff handy, yet sheltered.

Screen room kits are readily available item from such online sources as eBay, etc.  It makes for a somewhat insect free area as well as a place to grill during a rain shower.

A sudden rain shower doesn’t have to ruin your time at the lake if you have a good sized tarp and some poly rope in your basement. Here is a look at one such rainy day set up.

A rope supported rainfly can even shelter a fair sized campfire to keep all comfortable.

A gusting wind that is causing your rainfly to flap excessively may be tamed by using a windbreak tarp.

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