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Is Travel Trailer Insurance Worth the Investment? Find Out Here!

travel trailer insurance
February 13, 2023

When considering purchasing a new travel trailer, it’s important to remember the significance of insurance. Although it may not be mandatory for fiberglass trailers to be insured by state law, these trailers are valuable assets that can be expensive to repair or replace if damaged or stolen.

Whether you are financing your trailer or paying for it in full, it is essential to safeguard your investment with the appropriate insurance coverage. In the event of a total loss or damage, having insurance not only provides financial protection but also offers peace of mind, knowing that you are covered.

Without insurance, you could face significant financial losses, primarily if the trailer is financed. In such cases, the finance company may require insurance to protect its investment and ensure that the loan’s outstanding balance is covered in the event of a loss.

By proactively prioritizing insurance for your travel trailer, you are taking a crucial step towards protecting your investment and ensuring that you are prepared for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Don’t underestimate the importance of insurance when purchasing a new travel trailer – it’s a decision that can save you from financial stress and uncertainty in the long run.

Not all automobile insurance policies automatically cover trailers, as some may require them to be added separately. In some cases, trailers may even be excluded from coverage. Before considering additional coverage options, it is crucial to verify with your current insurance provider to understand what is included in your policy. This will help you determine if additional coverage is necessary or desired for your trailer.

After understanding the limits of your current policy, you can assess the need for additional coverage. Buying extra insurance may not be cost-effective for a modest, used pop-up trailer valued at a few hundred dollars. However, high-end fiberglass travel trailers can exceed tens of thousands of dollars in value, sometimes surpassing the towing vehicle’s worth. In such cases, a comprehensive trailer policy is the most prudent choice. While insurance is something you hope to never use, having it in place is crucial for protection in case it becomes necessary.

Various types of travel trailer insurance are available, tailored to different usage scenarios. Some policies cater to extensive road use, while others are designed for trailers that are occupied full-time, whether seasonally or year-round. The only situation typically not covered by specialized trailer insurance is when the trailer is permanently parked.

Once you have identified the suitable policy based on the trailer’s intended use, the coverage items are similar to those in an automotive insurance policy. Essential items that can be covered include:

– Total loss replacement
– Liability coverage for personal injuries
– Collision coverage
– Comprehensive coverage for loss from fire, theft or severe weather
– Coverage for personal possessions
– Roadside assistance
– Emergency expenses
– Parked trailer coverage

The last item to consider is parked trailer coverage, which offers insurance protection. In contrast, your trailer is parked at an RV site or campground while you and your family are away, engaging in activities such as hiking or biking.

This list does not cover all the reasons why insurance should be a priority when purchasing a new travel trailer, nor does it encompass all the risks that trailer insurance can protect against. Its purpose is to prompt reflection on how to achieve peace of mind while relishing the experience of owning a new travel trailer.


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