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Battle of the Trailers: Oliver Takes on the Competition

November 16, 2014

Camping excursions and visits to relatives should be comfortable. Oliver Travel Trailers helps people meet their most common, essential needs when they leave the comfort of their homes. When comparing travel trailer brands, see the comparison of the competition. Descriptions of competing travel trailers have been provided.


Airstream is a brand of luxury RVs manufactured in Ohio. Initiated in 1931, Airstream created lightweight travel trailers that would attach to a vehicle. They are known for their curvy aluminum exterior that covers their trailers, while bunks, dinettes, and built-in storage units fill the interior. The Airstream travel trailers come in various sizes, compact to roomy, but the polished surfaces and windows are the same throughout all the styles.

Escape Travel Trailers

Targeted toward small to midsized tow vehicles, Escape aims for fuel efficiency with its escape travel trailers. The trailers, created in British Columbia, Canada, have a 100 percent fiberglass exterior. The interior includes seating, which converts to sleeping areas, overhead cabinets, vinyl wall coverings, and bathrooms with showers. The company offers a full two-year warranty on their Escape travel trailers to promote their product.

Bigfoot Travel Trailers

The fiberglass exterior is traditional, but Bigfoot travel trailers’ thermal pane windows and high-density insulation promise warmth and good times. Porcelain toilets, comfortable mattresses, day and nightshades, and skylights fill the interiors of the Bigfoot travel trailers. To ensure happiness for every customer, Bigfoot guarantees dual propane tanks, heated and enclosed water tanks, and black tank rinses. The company also offers air conditioning, exterior speakers, and LCD TVs.

Casita Travel Trailers

Established in 1983, Casita Enterprises has constructed lightweight travel trailers for over two decades. Perfect for singles or couples, Casita travel trailers come in various sizes and styles, from a compact 13-footer to a deluxe 17-footer. Depending on the model, the interiors of Casita travel trailers include twin beds, king-sized beds, kitchenettes with seating and dining areas, bathrooms with baths, and cross ventilation and natural lighting with picture windows.

The Oliver Travel Trailers Difference

The travel trailers mentioned above may prove temporarily comfortable. Still, Oliver travel trailers go above and beyond the standard in the industry in terms of amenities, available options, and overall quality.

Their Legacy Elite II fiberglass travel trailer provides a five-person dining area that could convert into a king-sized bed, a double-hulled insulated shell and thermal pane windows help to maximize energy during hot and cold seasons, and an LCD TV and Furrion stereo system to provide entertainment. Year-round living is possible with the all-composite exterior shell and double fiberglass hull. Most importantly, valuables can be transported in a superior storage capacity. Owners find the Oliver easy to set up with the 3-way Power Leveling System. The construction design includes an aluminum frame, tandem Dexter axles with “Nev-R-Adjust” power brakes, and an aerodynamic fiberglass shape, giving Oliver superior tow on the open road while improving gas mileage compared to comparable models. Oliver sets the bar on standard features. Many amenities are available only as options in the competition and are standard features in “Ollies.”

Pros and cons exist for all travel trailers listed. Some may save more fuel, some may provide better comfort, and some may hold more visual appeal, but the perfect combination of all traveling needs exists in the Oliver travel trailers. They provide space, storage, cooking areas, sleeping areas, seating, bathrooms, and entertainment. Oliver’s insulation maintains the owner’s desired temperature so the travel trailer can travel during sunshine or rainstorms. Travelers must make their own decisions when purchasing a travel trailer, but Oliver’s trailers are worth considering.

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