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  1. Our valve does not move in & out smoothly; it is a bit difficult to manipulate it. I thought WD-40 sprayed on the metal rod would fix it. Steve said 'no', that it's the closey thingy. (my description, not his.) Anyone have an idea on how to rectify or is this the way the valvey thingy works. Thx
  2. Overland, what pray-tell are you showing? The bumped up bumper or the non-descriptive to me little round sticker or????
  3. When & why do you guys turn off the Nature's Head fan? Thx
  4. A favorite gizmo?? I love gizmo's & can always get distracted by anything with 'gizmo' in the title. I do like our trash holder. It holds a plastic bag by pulling down the black things. I have it in the closet, on the left, with a plastic bag holder above it. I have a collapsible kettle & mini coffee bean grinder, for pour-over coffee.
  5. I got one of these when we first bought our truck. My sisters, mother & I were on a girls weekend. My mother could not step up into the truck. We even pushed her from her butt; no luck. I went to Target & got one of these. Now we use to reach DEF. :)))
  6. Thanks re this fan. At O2 it is out of stock; at Amazon I can get for a higher cost && $10. shipping. Instead I have gone with this fan as it folds for storage. I have appreciated the input from everyone.
  7. I hear ya on that blue -- what an atrocious shade of blue. I'd have to rethink the whole interior design concept for inside the Clam. 🤣
  8. Anyone have a suggestion for a table fan? We are going out the 1st of August & I'm kinda thinkin we may want one, esp for the Clam. Thx
  9. Love the Maine outline &&& the Lobster 🦞🦞🦞. How fun!
  10. We live in Greensboro with our 2017 (#224) Oliver. We tow it with a 2017 GMC Sierra 2500 Diesel. All is well with us. :)) We have put about 10k miles on Oliver & truck. Very enjoyable.
  11. Well, I will throw my two cents into the mix. I have the following item. It is in the closet positioned above the black pipe, on the left. As some of have noted, the suction cups may not last forever. And, these have not. I now hang the 'holder' from 2 Command hooks. The 'holder' is removable from the suction cups. Above this holder, I have a hanging bag hanging from a suction cup hook; a Command hook is at the ready for when the suction cup hook decides to give up the ghost. Hum ~~~ just now noting that both of the items are 'currently unavailable'. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QV55Z44/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Gorgeous!! campsite & lake. Do/did you have mosquitoes &/or flies? We were at the Penobscot Outdoor Center in late June last year & were eaten alive by mosquitoes. We did do some fantastic hiking, tho. :))
  13. topgun2 & Overland ---- LOL, LOL.
  14. Another CalMark cover question --- can you run the Maxxfan with the cover over the trailer? We run our fan with the bathroom window open 24/7 to keep some air moving around inside. If you are unable to run the fan, how is the air inside the trailer after a period of time? This is not actually an owners question; we are 'to be' owners, amybe. 🙂 Thank you.
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