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  1. Congratulations. Right behind with 1273. So excited
  2. What trailer brake setting works for the Elite 2 when being pulled by the Tundra V8. My pickup date is the end of October and I am overthinking everything. Thank you
  3. Thank you for that story. I have to finalize my order in the next few weeks and still can’t decide on the Truma
  4. So jealous. My delivery date is middle of October. Can’t wait. Congratulations to you. Have a great time. Be safe
  5. I understand that is an option on the 2023. Don’t know if they will allow you to purchase the quiet AC and Truma instant in a 2022.
  6. No issues sounds good enough. There are less expensive products on the market but it does not pay to go cheap
  7. Any experience with curved levelers. They look like a great idea but I have never tried them Thanks
  8. My salesman told me about a month ago that the only change for 23 he was sure of was a price increase. What a doozy. So glad I have a 22 on order. Does anyone know yet what changes there may be
  9. I also spoke with my rep yesterday. And he could not confirm a new ac either
  10. Kim. Thank you for asking all these ? I’m new too Mid Oct delivery. And I’m also trying to figure out what I need to add to my build sheet. 3/4 time campground. A few weekends boondocking. Thanks everyone
  11. I have all you need to tent camp. No more of that. I have ordered Elite2 twin. Trying hard to figure out what I really should buy and what I can live without or buy later.
  12. Thanks again. Sounds like something you can certainly live without. 1550.00 in my pocket. What should I spend it on?
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