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  1. Sullivan Maine. Acadia seashore campground. Just beautiful
  2. As I was Traveling north on I 95 in Maine saw my first ever Ollie on the road near Freeport exit approximately 12:25 PM. Fifteen minutes later I saw another southbound Ollie and one hour later my third sighting. Three in one day. Just awesome
  3. All right. Thank you
  4. Having just heard of this oven. I’m curious. Any experience in Ollie land. Thank you.
  5. In the apple orchard at Red apple farm on Rt 2. Our first Harvest Host night. Fantastic
  6. Sorry. Don’t remember the exact size. I started small. And you can go bigger as needed. I think I used a 1 8th drill bit
  7. This happened tome recently. Very easy fix. Drill out the two rivets. Tighten up the nut inside the housing and then put two new rivets back in. Easier done than said. Good luck
  8. Never heard of toilet lubricant🤔
  9. Thank you SeaDawg. The toilet and holding tanks are my major concern. Certainly don’t wish to damage anything
  10. I am a new owner as of last November. So my question is. Are any cleaning products safe to use inside the bathroom and everywhere else.. or I should ask. Are any products unsafe? Is anything specific recommended. Thank you
  11. Mike and Carol. That’s what happened. They flickered first. Now seem to be working fine
  12. Everything else works. I went back out and flipped 5he switch a couple Tim’s and the lights came on. Now I wonder if I have a loose connection in the switch. But right now the lights work. Thank you
  13. I keep my LE 2 plugged in to a 30 amp all winter. Went out this afternoon just to say hi and check on things and the cabinet lights don’t work. I replaced the 5 amp fuse and still nothing. Any ideas. Thank you
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