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  1. Nominated for Best Thread Ever
  2. Wow, thank you for posting so much detail! Much appreciated. This is definitely not going to be a one-afternoon install.
  3. Interesting about removing the core around the hole. Makes sense. I've used 3M 4200 in the hole and around the bolt to seal these areas before, like when I drilled through the deck of my old sailboat, but I confess I never pulled those bolts afterwards to check for water intrusion / deterioration of the wood core. What is the recommended way to remove the core material? How much should you remove? What about just impregnating the wood core around the hole with resin?
  4. Wait...the dogs ride in those little ventilated cubbies? I guess that's better than rolling around in the bed of the truck, but seems cramped.
  5. MontanaOliver, are you planning to run that chain through the wheels? It looks pretty large...
  6. Thanks for all the responses, but I'm not worried about drilling gelcoat...done that many times, using the tape method that DavidS mentioned. But whenever I've drilled fiberglass before, it was to install a through bolt. That was pretty straightforward and drama-free, because the threads of the machine screw / bolt never engaged the material. I've never used a wood screw in fiberglass. I'm worried that when I drive it in, the fiberglass isn't going to give/compress the way wood does and then crack. Overland, thanks for the sizing info. I guess with such a large pilot hole you're not trying to squeeze the fiberglass nearly as much as I was thinking initially. MontanaOliver, I'd never heard of "grinding a negative flat" on drill bits before. Good to know, and thanks for sharing!
  7. Back when I ran a small forum 10+ years ago I had to battle with the spammers. Eventually I realized that most of the spam traffic came from Russia, Africa, or South America. The website had no need to reach folks outside of the US or Canada so I blocked the entire Class A and/or B networks belonging to countries outside of North America. Cut the spam overnight by 99%. That might not work here since this is a business but just trying to help. FYI requiring users to follow a link in an e-mail will not stop all bots from registering. It definitely helps but as we are seeing, not necessarily enough.
  8. This is better than the factory solution because you can open the drawer with the table installed. Not to mention also have the basement access door. Color me jealous!
  9. That is very disappointing. One of the best things about the Oliver, to me, was the lack of wood used. Now I find out they use wood in the highest moisture / temperature differential areas in the trailer? Sigh. I guess another one of my pickup tasks will be to pull any hardware mounted to those walls, caulk, and re-install. I understand re: people hanging stuff, but there are certainly other substrate options besides plywood.
  10. When you use a wood screw through the fiberglass, do you drill a pilot hole? If so how big relative to the shaft of the screw? I'm paranoid about cracking the gelcoat.
  11. Has anybody who ordered this year been able to order any "off the menu" stuff? I was 0 for 9 on my requests.
  12. How did you attach the paper towel holder to the wall? Screws or Command strips?
  13. Love this idea. We're getting the latex mattresses which are about 8" deep, plus an inch for the aire-flow mat, so I doubt this will fit for us. Once we get our trailer I'll have to see how squishable the mattress is...maybe I can make it fit.
  14. Yes, but only when using six per side. ;)
  15. Me too. There aren't enough diesel SUV options here. I have a Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel, and I'm really hoping it'll be a "good enough" tow vehicle. If not there really isn't a better option in diesel without going with a pickup. I like the new Expedition, but no diesel, and range when towing is only ~250 miles. How many MPG do you get out of your LC when towing?
  16. Hey John I just stumbled across one of these for your Land Cruiser. www.resurrectionlandcruisers.com/engine/
  17. Are you referring to the Lippert Wastemaster, or just using cam-lock fittings on a different hose?
  18. Nice. How has the weather been there lately, other than this batch of snow? We woke up to 4" on Saturday morning, mowed my lawn that evening. I love Colorado. We typically get our last snow around Mothers' Day. Currently forecast for another 5" on Friday. We've had a pretty warm and dry winter so this moisture is very welcome, whether it falls as snow or as rain.
  19. Interesting read. The accidents referenced are gut-wrenching and it sure sounds like another case of caveat emptor. Are government regulations the best response? I hope that if we do go down that route that the regulations are narrowly tailored and effective in achieving the intended results. I have committed numerous acts of dubious wisdom in boats, mostly during my college years, but I can't imagine goosing the throttle in a man-overboard situation whether the boat was swamping or not. Let the boat sink; that's what insurance is for. Although, are the passengers too drunk to swim, and are (of course) not wearing lifejackets? What a miserable calculus to run in a situation like that.
  20. I would much rather have roof-mounted solar than skylights. All I can think of when I see that is a hot interior. Microwave under the fridge I think I would prefer, since I rarely use a microwave but I'd be in and out of the fridge often. The lack of ground clearance is a signature Airstream feature. In one video I saw it looked like the spare tire bracket was maybe 5" off the ground. No thanks. Even though it's not for me I'm still glad to see another molded fiberglass travel trailer enter the market.
  21. Ingenious! I love the clean look. To crank up/down my first thought was to get one of those flexible drill extension thingies and use a cordless drill or even a hand drill to spin it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07417V7H7/
  22. I'm planning to do both. We ordered our Ollie with the WeBoost and then I'll later install a Cradlepoint with the rooftop antennae, and devise some way to switch the output from the cell booster to one of the antenna inputs of the Cradlepoint as needed. That way we'll retain MiMo capability in a good signal area, and be able to have the single-channel boosted signal when in remote areas. That all sounds nice in theory, but give me ~six months until I get a chance to actually try it.
  23. One common reason for sub-par results is if your phone already has decent signal without the booster. What metric are you using to determine that is isn't boosting your signal much? Is the performance consistently bad no matter where you go? (I mean different geographic locations, not different spots within the trailer)
  24. Reed, can you get the Blaylock jack in between the front and rear tires? Like if you were going to jack up both tires with two units.
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