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  1. There are “twist on” valves that can be added. Might be a really tight fit inside the bumper area though. But why are you getting the dribble? Are you disconnecting the flexible hose from the rigid connector in the bumper? I just leave the flexible hose connected to the Oliver rigid connector all the time. And after emptying the tanks and making sure the Oliver valves are closed, and draining the hose as much as possible, I just cap the other end of the hose and store everything in the bumper. You should have gotten the cap for the hose with the Oliver. If not they are available on Am
  2. We are so ready to go. All the camping gear is already sorted. It’ll be a few weeks yet till we hit the road though. The trailer was washed and waxed before being put under cover for winter, so all we need to do is to de-winterize and get everything loaded up. First destination will be Hohenwald for the annual 12 month checkup and maintenance on the Ollie and then hitting the road after that. This is pretty much the sad way it’s looked for most of the winter.
  3. We always forget the opposite. We forget to open it when we set up at a campground, then we use the bathroom sink and suddenly realize our feet are standing in a puddle.
  4. Ditto on the steps down, and/or bathroom door not closed/latched mistakes.
  5. Ouch! Sorry to hear about the jack accident. We all have, or will, make a mistake like that at some point. Glad you were able to get it repaired. I have a very lengthy printed checklist of things to do before departing a campsite, but every so often I get over-confident and think “oh, I can skip the printed checklist and do it from memory”. And when I do that I almost always forget at least one critical item.
  6. You are correct with your thinking. The horsepower and torque rating of your GL won’t be your issue. Your earlier post about the tongue weight limit and cargo limit look like they will be your issue. You’ll just have to pack really light for your trips if you only have 600 lbs tongue weight and 1,312 lbs cargo limit (minus the 600 lbs tongue weight). Also, does your GL have an integrated trailer brake controller? Or will you have to add one?
  7. I ordered 18’ and probably used about 17’.
  8. I switched ours from white to black. Here’s the before and after pics and also the info for Pelland for the part number. But Oliver may have changed window suppliers over the years so you’ll have to confirm the right gasket for yours. https://www.pellandent.com/Half-Inch-Glass-Vinyl-Seal
  9. Thanks for the clarification John. I should have read the manual more carefully. Yeah, the sensors scan through the wall of the tank. So they would only be affected by something clinging to the inside of the tank wall. The manual politely calls it "sludge" buildup on the tank wall that will affect the sensor reading.
  10. I always consider the digital readout for the tank levels to be more of a suggestion than an absolute value. The gray and fresh water tanks are very long and flat, so any slight out-of-level with the trailer, front to back or side to side, will change the reading a lot, since the sensor is mounted in one corner of the tank. And the sensors are affected by water hardness, soap residue, toilet paper debris, and in the case of the black tank, other "nasty stuff" that can affect the sensor and cause it to read inaccurately. Follow the above recommendations of raising the tongue of the traile
  11. We always welcome newbies with a legitimate interest and questions (we were all newbies at one point). 🙂 This forum helped many of us make our buying decision. And yes, a big thank you to the moderators here for keeping this site pretty focused.
  12. Here you go. I think the wagon version is much better suited to camping. 🙂
  13. The official Ford truck towing guide has an asterisk footnote that says towing capacities are based on "a 150 lb. driver and passenger". Ford is overly optimistic about what most of us weigh. 😄
  14. Yes, several polite translations of that. "Read The Fantastic Manual", or "Read The Full color Manual". 😄
  15. I'd like to see a forum page and/or Facebook page option that limited members to actual current verified Oliver owners for discussion of mods, experiences, problem solving, etc. I still think that both this forum and the Facebook page have many members that are just trolling (Airstream owners? 🙂), or scammers looking for personal info, because a lot of people, despite cautions, still will list their personal phone numbers or e-mail addresses in their posts. I do give a lot of credit to the Oliver owners for their patience in answering the endless repetitive questions from potential
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