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  1. First, thanks to John for the incredibly detailed install photos and notes on the Bulldog upgrade. I’ve been considering doing this update to the larger Bulldog coupler. Still undecided. I’m under 6,000 lbs for my loaded weight, but I’m always a fan of overkill/big safety margins. For me the one worrisome single point of failure in the whole towing setup is that EVERYTHING is held to your tow vehicle by a single 5/8” diameter hitch pin holding your hitch into your tow vehicle receiver. So no matter how large the bolts on the Bulldog, or whether you use the Andersen hitch, etc., we all st
  2. We have the Truma. Very happy with it. But as John mentioned, it’s better suited for camping at full hookup campsites. The point of the Truma is to be able to have more hot water for longer showers, etc. so that means using more water and filling up the gray tank faster. So the Truma makes sense at a full hookup site where you have a city water connection so you don’t have to worry about running out of fresh water, and you can empty the gray tank as often as needed. No problems with ours as long as I remember to turn on the propane.
  3. Just remember that despite what the MeWe privacy statement says, if they are offering a “free” site to join, you have to ask how they are paying for their expenses such as app and webpage development, server hosting costs, etc. I’m sure any good lawyer that MeWe hired would make sure that privacy statement has plenty of loopholes for MeWe to use for their business. We all know Facebook shares our data for targeted ads and more, and Facebook makes no secret of it anymore. We/our data is the product that Facebook uses and sells for their income. And Oliver hosts this forum as part of their
  4. Or if you are an old hot rodding fan you could use the Moon Equipment company “moon eyes” logo that was on so many hot rods and land speed record cars back in the day. 🙂
  5. I have a set also and they are for stabilization per the instructions. Probably because of lawyers involved but they are not meant to be used as a replacement for chocks to prevent rolling. “Not to be used as a parking brake”. Here are the instructions. I use rubber chocks on the tires as well.
  6. Best low cost addition to the Ollie that I’ve made is this plug holder for the 7 pin connector. Keeps the plug off the ground and dry when set up at the campsite. Purchased from etrailer.
  7. We have the twin bed Elite II and use the dinette often for meals. We didn’t get the Lagun table because we got the basement access door option under the nightstand drawer. We use that door for putting shoes in the basement storage area.
  8. If everything was working properly before the 7 pin plug was damaged and subsequently repaired, that’s the first place I’d check to make sure the new plug was wired correctly.
  9. I use these wheel chocks. Very solid and they work well. MaxxHaul 2 pack 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock, 8" Long x 4" Wide x 6" high-2 Pack, 2 pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CGU14T2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_B5StFbY86NJBX
  10. I have them on my truck and have been very happy with them. They seem to do the job well. The front of our Oliver is still like new. I don’t drive at high speeds on unpaved or gravel roads though like some of the more adventurous members of the Oliver family. Our driving is typically all highway driving. The only gravel roads we typically encounter are usually just the KOA campground roads which are very low speed limit. I do have mine angled slightly as John mentioned above. And I had to order the 2-1/2” hub for the Rock Tamers since my F-250 has a 2-1/2” receiver and ball mount.
  11. Good luck on your new travels
  12. Ditto on the Thetford drain valve lubricant. We've been using it for the last year on our Ollie. I typically just pour a bit down the sink drains on each camping trip. There is also another lubricant from Thetford specifically for the seal on the flush toilet that you pour in the toilet and let sit for 8 hours or so (Thetford RV Toilet Seal Lube & Conditioner). I use that as well on the day before we leave for any of our trips and let it sit. So far no problems with any of the seals or valves.
  13. Great post. Good to see the details of the install. What do the mounting screws thread into? Just the fiberglass? (and if so, what screws did you use?) Or is there a wooden backing block behind the fiberglass?
  14. Strangely enough, I have about 3 feet left over, so I think Pelland was a bit generous with what they sent me. I didn't measure how long the bulk length was that I received before I started cutting it, but Pelland must have sent me ~20'.
  15. I just updated mine yesterday from white to black because the white ones were showing some mold/mildew stains and were getting hard to keep clean. For all 3 large windows and 1 small bathroom window on my Elite II, I ordered 18' of the weather-stripping (H109-376 from Pelland Enterprises), just to make sure I had a little extra. Before and after photos below. It cuts easily with a new, sharp utility knife blade. Use a carpenters square to get a nice perpendicular /square cut end. And note that each window gasket on the 3 big windows is a slightly different length since the center vertical
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