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  1. Thanks for this idea! Time for another update to the Ollie. I needed something to tinker with during the winter. 🙂 Found these on Amazon (of course). A couple small eye-bolts and a small swivel (to allow unscrewing of the port cover without twisting the cable) should do the trick. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QKWXGL1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_jyPrEbHM3TRKR
  2. Wow, that is scary! Glad you and your wife are ok. Things can be replaced, people can't be. What is the black spattering on the front of the Ollie? Moose residue? Jeep shrapnel?
  3. My OCD compelled me to run the molding all the way down to the tangent point of the lower curve of the frame. 🙂
  4. I installed the gutter molding as well. It helps in light rains and also keeps morning dew condensation from running from the hull down the windows. And I figure it will also help cut down on the chance of water leaks around the window frame. Definitely install it on a hot day. I unrolled the molding and let it sit on my deck in the hot sun for a few hours to get it straightened out before installing. Clean and prep the Oliver fiberglass surface with iso-propyl alcohol first (here at work we refer to iso-propyl alcohol as IPA in a lot of our documentation, and it causes confusion with the beer drinkers 🙂). As you can see from the pictures, I ran mine farther down both sides of the windows since I had heard from some owners of problems with the molding lifting loose around the corner bend if it was cut too short on the sides. I needed 4 of the 10' rolls to do it this way though on all the windows. And yes, I did clean, polish and wax the Ollie after this photo to get rid of those ugly black streaks under the windows that always seem to show up on our beautiful white trailers. And if you do order the molding, make sure you get the "Polar White" color to match the Ollie white. I ordered mine from Amazon. Esssentials UW01004 Polar White 10' EZE RV Gutter
  5. Yes, if there is a thief wandering around with a spare hitch that fits the Ollie frame/bolt pattern, mounting hardware and tools, then yes, they could unbolt your hitch and bolt on a new one, but that means they are probably specifically targeting your Ollie trailer and would need to make the investment in the new hitch and tools to do it. No system is completely theft-proof. The point is to slow the thief down or make it so much trouble that they find an easier target. But at least the Proven lock used on the Bulldog can't be defeated by a simple pair of bolt cutters that most thieves carry. Other cheaper hitch locks are 10 seconds or less to defeat with bolt cutters.
  6. And even better, the answers are usually correct! 🙂
  7. "And now for something completely different....." Seems that most Ollie Elite II owners tow with a pickup truck, but I prefer an SUV to have the extra interior space in the TV. I have an Ollie Elite II and was towing with a 2017 Ford Expedition EL with the 3.5l V-6 Eco-Boost. Plenty of towing capacity (over 9,000 lbs. with the WD hitch), but the Expedition EL version was just a bit too long to fit into my garage, so I recently traded it for a 2019 Nissan Armada. Still a pretty big beast but it's just the right overall length to fit into my garage with the Anderson hitch installed in the receiver. Ollie Elite II - We always travel pretty light when towing, empty tanks, no generator or bike rack, no solar, only one awning, no other mods that have added any weight. I haven't actually weighed it but probably around 5,500 lbs. loaded when traveling, 10% of that as tongue weight. Armada curb weight of 5,900 lbs., (I too believe that the tow vehicle should weigh as much or more than the trailer being towed). Armada cargo Capacity 1,583 lbs. Big honkin' 5.6 liter V-8 engine. 390 HP/394 lb-ft Towing mode for the transmission. 8,500 lbs. towing/850 lbs. tongue weight capacity with a WD hitch, so it's plenty for the Ollie II, and the V-8 never feels like it's straining at all. Body on frame construction with galvanized steel body panels (so hopefully no rust in the long term). Factory hitch receiver and wiring harness but I had to install a trailer brake controller (Tekonsha P3). Gas mileage has been the downside. The big V-8 is a gas guzzler. About 16 average when not towing. Haven't done a long trip yet with the Ollie but expecting around 11-13 when towing. All the creature comforts in the Armada interior, plenty of interior storage, 360 degree cameras which are very handy for getting into campsites, and also auto-leveling suspension so it levels out nicely when the trailer is hooked up. So far I'd give it an "A". I am surprised sometimes by people towing Ollie IIs with smaller SUVs. They seem to do ok in standard flat land towing situations but may eventually run into issues on extreme uphill or downhill stretches if towing out west, and a heavily loaded hitch puts a lot of stress/strain on the sheet metal of a uni-body vehicle, to the point that some manufacturers say to NEVER use a weight distribution hitch on certain small uni-body SUVs. I feel strongly that only vehicles with body on frame construction should be used for towing something as heavy as the Elite II.
  8. I have the Proven lock, and I'm using it now since our Elite II is sitting in the yard in winter storage. A very heavy duty lock, and it's a very HEAVY lock. You'll be shocked at how much it weighs, but it's probably the best solution for securing the Bulldog coupler. It is a little awkward to get it installed and get the lock attached, especially if your hitch is sitting low to the ground after you level your trailer. But it's definitely a very secure lock for the Bulldog hitch. Note though that you will need another hitch lock to use while you're actually towing. I have this collar style for the Bulldog and use a disc lock with it while towing. "The Collar" Trailer Hitch Lock for Bulldog-style Couplers (Including the RAM)
  9. We usually just refer to ours as the Ollie, but since we are hull #461, to me the obvious name that came to mind is calling it “Ocean Boulevard”. Eric Clapton fans will understand. Might even get a large palm tree decal for the front graphic.
  10. Hi Nan, Hope all is well. My wife Cheryl and I met you at the rally back in May. If you have the Andersen hitch option, the Andersen hitch has the 2 long, heavy weight distribution chains that run from each side of the frame of the Oliver to the “whale tail” bracket that is on the bottom of the hitch ball. The Oliver also has 2 thick heavy duty safety cables mounted to the Oliver frame that have to be hooked to the tow vehicle. Your tow vehicle should have large hooks, loops or brackets on either side of the hitch receiver to hook the safety cables to. And these thick safety cables should be crossed under the hitch when they are connected. Meaning the safety cable on the right side of the trailer should connect to the hook on the left side of the tow vehicle, and the safety cable on the left side of the trailer should hook on the right side of the tow vehicle. That way they cross under the hitch, so if the trailer comes un-hitched while towing, the tongue of the trailer will be caught by the safety cables instead of dropping all the way to the ground. Many states actually require that the safety cables (or chains) be crossed. Older Olivers had safety chains but the newer ones have the thick safety cables instead. The Andersen chains AND the safety cables should all be used. There is also a small cable that is the breakaway switch cable that will activate the trailer brakes if it becomes completely disconnected from the tow vehicle. This breakaway switch cable must also be connected to the tow vehicle by hooking to one of the brackets on either side of the hitch on the tow vehicle. Hopefully someone who currently has their trailer connected to their tow vehicle can post a couple pictures.
  11. We were towing with a 2016 Ford Expedition EL (Extended Length version) with the Eco-Boost V6 engine, and the factory towing package. It did pretty well towing our Elite II. But we recently traded the Expedition in on a new Nissan Armada. The Armada has a big V8 engine, plenty of towing capacity (up to 8,000 lbs, but Nissan does spec a requirement for the WD hitch for anything over 5,000 lbs., same as the Expedition), full body on frame construction with galvanized steel body panels, self leveling suspension, and it fits well in our garage. It also has the Nissan "Intelligent Rear View Mirror" which gives an operating mode option of a rear view from a high mounted rear camera that shows in the mirror instead of the normal optical reflection view. This give a great view of the front and sides of the Ollie while towing. I considered a pickup truck but we prefer the enclosed storage space of an SUV and the option to add our roof top Thule storage box also. We also considered a Toyota Sequoia, which also has a V8 and plenty of towing capacity, but we preferred the interior of the Armada. I did have to add a trailer brake controller to the Armada but it already had the full wiring harness, pre-wiring for the brake controller, hitch receiver, and 7 pin trailer connector already installed.
  12. We had the same shore power problem at David Crockett State Park during our stay there after our delivery back in May (Hull #461). The park AC shore power voltage kept going extremely high during the night and tripping the surge protector. All during the night, we kept hearing the thunk/beep every time it would happen. The power monitor in the Ollie would show voltages as high as 137 volts. The surge protector would trip anytime it went over 132, so it did its job to protect the Ollie. I eventually just disconnected from shore power so we could get a decent night's sleep. A very nice park otherwise. We were right along the creek also on a nice level concrete pad. Very peaceful.
  13. We added the Hypervent to our build sheet list for our Elite II twin floor plan (May 2019 delivery, hull # TBD). Seemed like a pretty good deal and cheap insurance against moisture problems under the mattresses. We are pretty much just 3 season campers anyway (late spring, summer, early fall) so I don't expect to deal with extreme cold temperatures that may cause condensation, but it's always a good idea to have some air circulation under the mattresses in any case. Looking forward to meeting some of you at the rally in May.
  14. Had to laugh at this because I’ve been doing the exact same thing in preparation for our May delivery. Every day my wife asks “what is being delivered today?” with a roll of her eyes. Based on recommendations from people on this forum and other RVing sites, the downstairs family room is now full of milk crates loaded up with all the water filters, hose adapters, electrical accessories, sewage accessories, leveling Lego blocks, Andersen jack blocks, a very complete tool kit, first aid kit, collapsible ladder, Rock Tamer mud flaps for my tow vehicle, etc. and a keurig K-mini Plus coffee maker (this is for the wife, she did want this). And she did take care of all the bedding purchases (twin bed floor plan). At least we’ll be prepared. Although a yard sale at the rally in May might be needed to sell off some of the things I may have over bought. ?
  15. Glad you figured it out. But this raises an interesting point. Given that Oliver has a long flat gray tank, and the front (tongue) end of the Oliver is where most of the “wet” stuff is such as the bathroom sink, shower drain, toilet, and the kitchen sink is kind of in the middle, and the gray and black water drains are at the back end of the trailer, does anyone keep the tongue elevated slightly, maybe just 1 degree or so, as standard practice when leveling at the campsite, to help keep the tank filled mostly towards the back end of the trailer, to avoid this kind of overflow issue, and to help with draining? This would still be well within the level requirement for the fridge operation.
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