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  1. I like this idea. I think I’ll do this the next time the wheels are off.
  2. Yeah, those show as currently unavailable but I’m hoping to find a cheap generic cap on Amazon that I can buy in bulk quantity 🙂 so I don’t have to call Oliver every time I lose one. And maybe I’ll go with the Mercedes Benz caps to confuse people. 🙂 Sparkle-um 9-Piece Set 75mm MB Emblem Badge Wheel Hub Caps Centre Cover +Tire Valve Stem Caps Cover with MB Keychain for MB. (Silver) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Y2XXDK7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_HZS0T52GDJW8XFHP6SKN?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Anyone know the brand of aluminum wheels used by Ollie in 2019? I lost one of the small center caps (see photos). Looking for a source for replacements. I saw the tires listed in my owners manual but not any info on the wheel manufacturer. Or is that little cap a custom part from Oliver?
  4. We’ve used HH stops quite a bit, and we have really enjoyed them, and they are great for quick overnight stops when on the road, but you are correct that probably over half of all the HH locations are wineries or breweries. Our stops have been about a 50:50 split of wineries vs. museums and farms. But the winery gift shops typically always have plenty of other things to buy besides wine as a way to support the business. Some examples of great HH locations that we’ve stayed at that are NOT wineries have been the Glenn Curtiss aviation museum in Hammondsport NY, Paw Paw’s pecan farm in Atki
  5. Yeah, I think next winter I’ll try the compressed air method for winterizing.
  6. Doing my pre-camping season checkout of the Oliver, along with de-winterizing, and I noticed the clear plastic filter screen cup on the pump inlet showed a pinkish-white discoloration, and also some stress cracking probably related as well. I’m thinking it’s the pink RV antifreeze solution used (the standard stuff sold at Walmart for RV potable water system winterizing). Anyone else noticed this? I’ve already replaced it with a brand new one, and that’ll now become an annual maintenance check/replacement item. It’s on the intake (vacuum side) of the pump so not really a major water leak
  7. The fresh water tank can be seen if you lift the access hatch closest to the stove under the curbside bed. The fresh tank is the translucent low flat tank. Part of the gray water tank can also be seen there. The level sensor is a small green circuit board mounted on the end of the fresh tank facing the back end of the trailer. Just happened to have mine open for de winterizing.
  8. Our 2019 Elite II Hull 461 has the correct short shackles on both the street and curb side suspension. Hopefully Oliver reaches out to their Elite I customers to have theirs checked to see if the short shackles were mistakenly installed. And that could be a tongue twister. She sells short suspension shackles on the street side.
  9. Check if your truck towing package has any electronic anti-sway function. If so, the Andersen hitch instructions say to not use the Andersen hitch with any active tow vehicle trailer sway control. Here’s the section from the Andersen instructions. That may give you the info you need to convince your spouse (but you didn’t hear it from me, I don’t want to cause marital issues 😆).
  10. I voted. I’m towing with a Ford F-250. I don’t use the Andersen. My F-250, while generically called a 3/4 ton under the accepted truck classification naming, has an actual payload rating of 3,334 lbs. so I could easily carry 1 ton of payload and still have plenty of extra left over. My truck as optioned will tow 12,600 lbs and a tongue weight rating of 1,250 lbs. so no Andersen needed for weight distribution, and the truck has electronic trailer sway control as part of the towing package so I don’t need the Andersen for anti-sway either. The dual axle Elite II has proven to be very stabl
  11. This is the kind of half-assed work that will ruin a company reputation really quickly. You see that kind of shoddy work on houses all the time (and I’ve fixed plenty of it on my own house to correct things that the original contractor did badly), but the Oliver trailer should be more like automotive quality when it comes to the design and manufacturing of systems and mounting hardware that will be bouncing down the road. At some point as Oliver’s production volume keeps increasing, they are really going to have to redesign some of the trailer to better suit true high volume, high quality p
  12. Really disappointing to see that mounting problem with the inverter. I’m usually pretty impressed overall with the Oliver design and engineering but then stuff like this pops up with brand new trailers. Just two small screws holding that inverter was a failure waiting to happen.
  13. Interesting discussion topic. There have been a few owners that have lost their awning in high winds. I’m curious as well what the failure point is when that happens. Does the bracket fail? Or the bolts holding the awning to the bracket? Does any damage occur to the Ollie fiberglass hull itself?
  14. That translation is hilarious but at least the unit is on sale. 😆 ”On 3 levels, and on sale at the end of the exhaust pipe.”
  15. Clean water is one of my OCD issues with camping. 🙂 Hard to believe that as kids, when out playing basketball or baseball we just drank from whatever neighborhood garden hose was available. 🙂 I put together a 3 stage system similar to the ClearSource unit, but for about half the cost. The first stage is the usual Camco bullet style filter that you see everyone using hanging on the campsite faucet. That filter is a 20 micron size filter rating, and pretty decent chemical removal. After that I use a 5 micron cartridge filter and then a 0.5 micron carbon block cartridge filter, both in Cam
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