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  1. Can this art stick to ceramic coating?
  2. I am using Cooper LT tires on my 2017 Elite 2.
  3. I need to ask them for one again. Never had one and I have asked a couple of times...
  4. I had the ceramic coating done and I really like how easy it is to wash.
  5. Oh, sorry, 2017 Elite 11. - Hull 267
  6. My grey tank hand valve is very hard to push in or pull out. Also, water leaks into the hose while it appears shut. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Steve and Deb, last year the campground had me booked into two different sites...stay fro 2 days in one and then move to the other for the duration. When I arrived they said they had a site open up for the entire time I would be there..so no moving! Worked out great as I was right next two Steve and Sylvia Cobb!! Don't know anything about the B section, but just call them occasionally and they will try to find you a good site.
  8. Sorry, just saw this. I am very happy with the work they did! I left it in Tallahassee for 3 weeks, but that was my choice because I was going to Kentucky to help with the tornado damage with Sister Corps. Anyway, the ceramic coating makes washing the trailer a snap. It is pricy ($3500).
  9. Sherry, I wish I had known you were in Pooler..I would have driven to Costco and said hey.
  10. The paperwork came today.
  11. Had a call from Brian in California, an employee of Vinnie. He assures me the paperwork will be in the mail in the next couple of days. He says it was a miscommunication.
  12. I had Vinnie's in Tallahassee apply ceramic coating to my Oliver two weeks before the rally. While I am pleased with the work they did, I am not pleased with being ignored about the paperwork. I have been able to get zero paperwork from them about the work they did and that includes the warranty. Absolutely no paperwork at all and that includes being in touch with their home office in California. Buyer beware.
  13. Items that I ordered came today..out of all of them, only the round one (for the heater exhaust) and the rectangular one (for the HW heater exhaust) fit...so that still leaves the refrigerator vents uncovered. Before the ceramic coating I could just tape window screens on these vents, but now the tape will not stick at all. So, that leaves me with a couple of spare parts to add to my collection.
  14. Bill, I am talking about the insect screens for the vents for the water heater, refrigerator and the battery box.
  15. Can someone please tell me where to find insect screens for a 2017 Oliver? I have searched the internet and do not come up with the correct sizes. Thanks so much.
  16. Oh, and at the Rally I am going to be in F13 starting the 16th, but switching to F56 a couple of days after that..confusing, I know.
  17. Oh, and you can mention my name, Nan Wallace, if you want to. Thanks.
  18. Also, talked to Vinnie's in Tallahassee today and was told the ceramic coating is for the "life of the camper". Was told it would loose some of it's luster in about 10 years, but the coating would still be there. It is costing me about $3500...one trip climbing a ladder, falling off and breaking another hip would cost me that much! I am happy to let them do it. I have been dealing with Briston at 850-999-3842
  19. I wish I was next to Talli and Steve, but I am in F56. On a high note, my grandson, Nick, is coming with me. I will be excited for everyone to meet him..Georgia Southern marching band, 3.7 GPA, plays the drums for Compassion Christian in Statesboro, Ga, Eagle Scout, ..just a good kid.
  20. Thanks everyone. I will have it at the rally in Gunterville next month. See everyone then.
  21. When I pulled into Vinnies there were about 8 Airstreams all lined up for their turn getting the coating. No other campers but Airstreams...and mine was the only Oliver..LOL
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