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  1. TexasGuy - I have white counter tops and love them. I also have a composting toilet and am very happy with it. Solar is the same way..love it.
  2. Thanks Mike! I already have the mattress and the covers up. I drained the water out of the trailer a couple of weeks ago and pulled the rod out of the hot water heater. It just never stays really cold in Savannah for long so I have never winterized the camper. I do have power to the camper, but have always left the refrigerator off. I will turn it on today. Maybe after this knee replacement surgery I will FINALLY be able to go camping!!
  3. Question: It is going to be 25 degrees tonight and tomorrow night, but warming up to the 40's both days. Do I need to winterize the Oliver? Will just running a small heater be OK? Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas! Nan
  4. I believe I read that when the crank gets hard to turn it is time to empty the composting toilet.
  5. John, I believe this is all about my camper, hull #267. While I have not been able to camp many times since I bought it, I was able to travel to Washington, DC and camped 3 nights both ways. I believe all of the fiberglass may have worked its self out of the ducks, because I found none in the cabin during the trip.
  6. That other owner would be me!!! Yep, never driven a truck or pulled a trailer of any kind. Also haven't camped in at least 50 years. But, I love my Oliver (hull #267). Bought it used from two ladies that brought it to me. It was a beauty, oh and it still is. Still figuring things out but it is getting easier. This forum has helped me out so many time it is unreal! Also have been to Steve and Tali's house for installation of the slide in the Tundra and by the way, I bought the Tundra from and Oliver owner I met at the rally last year. This is just one big happy family!!! LOL. And I enjoyed eating dinner with you and Krunch last year. Hopefully we will run into each other again. Nan Wallace - probably one of the oldest members at 73 years old...again LOL.
  7. I believe that is why the original owners sold their Oliver to me. She was highly allergic to the fiberglass dust.
  8. Jason told me Oliver is not going to use the 2020 brand next year. He did not tell me what company they were going to use.
  9. Oh and yes, the last owner did replace the Air Conditioner and the Heater. I have the paperwork. Since I had not used the ac, I did not know about the drain hole. And the heater did not work because the mother board was burned up because the thermostat was telling it to stay on all of the time..That is what the traveling camper repairman told me. Who knows?
  10. Thanks. I just came back from the camper so had not read your last post. I tried to pull the drain hose out with needle nose pliers and it will not budge. From the looks of all of the black mold around the drain hose opening I believe it has been stuck up in the Oliver for some time. Right next to the hole there is another hole that is the same size, but it has a piece of cover over 1/2 of it. What is that for? Next trip I will look in the basement and take it from there. Thanks again.
  11. Oh, and mine does not have a weep hole cover. It just has the opening with no cover.
  12. Thank you very much!! Well for some reason the end of my drain hose is up inside of the opening. I do not know how long it has been there, but I need to figure out how to get it lowered about 2".
  13. Nan


    I thought it was a good idea, but I am wrong. I was going to re-caulk the Oliver sign on the back of my camper for starters. Then use it for anything else that leaked. My grandson already caulked the Oliver sign once (found it leaking on our maiden trip a couple of weeks ago), but he did not know that he had to remove the old caulk so he just caulked over it. So, I was just trying to find a caulk that would last a long time and I thought this one would do it.
  14. Nan


    Has anyone ever used 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200 Fast Cure White 06520? Thanks, Nan
  15. Have you checked out what Foy Sperring can make?
  16. Does the ac condensate drain line hose protrude from the opening under the camper? Mine does not. And how do you get to the hose to get the slime out of it? Thanks.
  17. I bought a Viair 450 after someone on this forum recommend it.
  18. You are right. I do not watch a lot of TV and I am just now getting into camping so don't know if I will be boon docking in the near future. I am getting old and maybe less willing to strike out on my own. (guess that is why I joined Sisters on the Fly..which so far has turned out to nothing. LOL
  19. The Furrion television has been zapped with rain water from the Oliver sign (since repaired). Jason said I could buy another 12VDC 19" TV that would work boondocking but that I could also buy a 120VAC TV that would only work if plugged into shore power. He said I could actually go to a 28" TV, but would need to check and make sure it would fit with the window shade and wall. Has anyone actually replaced their television and could you please tell me what you bought? Thanks.
  20. I bought the sheets, mattress covers and blankets from AB Lifestyle. They have the measurements and all I had to tell them was that I was getting the twin mattresses. I understand they have mattress covers that now encase the entire mattress. They are lovely people to work with.
  21. Just need to ask: both Olivers seem to be Elite II so why are two sized screens listed as used..one being a 10' and one 14'? Thanks.
  22. Thank you for telling me this!!!
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