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  1. Can someone please tell me what gas hose will fit on a Blackstone 17" grill and a 2017 Oliver II? I have two connectors on the Oliver and I want to be able to use them with the Blackstone grill. Thanks so much. Nan Wallace hull #267
  2. John, if you could make a list of a maintenance schedule (what and how often), I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Nan
  3. And it was. And I told the tech that too. It cost me $451 today.
  4. RV Tech said the heater did not have enough wires going to it to ever work. Also since the power had been on the control board constantly, he said it was burned up. He ordered another board, but it is back ordered and it will be at least 2 weeks before it comes in. And there is an add-on fuse behind the panel in the breaker box that is above the nite stand..so, there you go..it definitely was not a thermostat problem, but a wiring problem. This did not happen at the Oliver factory because the AC and heater were replaced by the previous owner.
  5. I am finally biting the bullet and have called a service tech on my Atwood heater. I changed out the thermostat and it still will not work. I was told by the original owner that this was a new heater and I know it is a new thermostat. I am sick of spending time on it. Also will hopefully have the Dexter bolts checked for proper torque. Also will ask why the hot water heater on/off switch is frozen in the on position. I am a little discouraged.
  6. I have AAA Plus for roadside assistance and Progressive put me with Safeco Insurance for the Oliver. I have replacement coverage. It is for $52,000 (that is what I paid for my 2017). Comprehensive, collision, loss of use and vacation liability and my premium is $684 per year.
  7. I live right outside of Savannah. What campground are you in? Nan Wallace Hull #267
  8. Thanks everyone. I was just going by the diagram while laying on the floor with a flash lite in my mouth and it says 7.5 amp. I am leaving the 10 amp alone. 😃 Thanks, Nan
  9. Yes, I bought it used. Thanks for the reply. Nan
  10. Is there any reason there would be a 10 amp fuse where a 7.5 amp fuse should be for the furnace? Thanks, Nan
  11. Thanks, because my grandson said he didn't think I needed to put the leveler pushing down with the grain of the block. He said I should put it on the 6" side. Not going to argue with him, but I just didn't know.🙂
  12. Mike, how do you set the blocks? Do you put the leveler on the 6" side or the 8" side? Thanks, Nan
  13. Sherry, Foy is making me a wooden dinette top to match the rest of the wood in the camper.
  14. Thank you so much David. I will contact them Monday. Nan
  15. David, thank you so much for the offer. But maybe I should just try to replace my thermostat with a bluetooth model. Since I do not know what I am doing, can you please tell me: 1) Will a bluetooth work with my 2017 Oliver? 2) Other than killing the ac power, is there anything I need to know about changing it? 3) If I need to kill the dc power, how do I do that? 4) Where did you purchase you bluetooth thermostat and do you know the model? Thank you so much. Nan Wallace
  16. Right Sherry..when I took off the faceplate and lightly touched the the buttons there was no change. It seems to me if the service department stocks the faceplate they would also stock the whole thermostat..but the first tech said I would have to buy it at Camping World or someone else that stocked it. And when I called Oliver the other day Cindy told me to just leave the thermostat alone for awhile and see if it might reset itself.. and that did not happen. Maybe I do need to go to Camping World and see what they have in the way of thermostats installed in their campers.
  17. And none of the instructions worked...so called Dometic back. They are sending me a new faceplate (though it is going to be in black) at no charge. They did say they have had trouble with the foam on the faceplate. Hopefully this will take care of the problem. Thanks so much Sherry.
  18. Sherry, just got off the phone for 2nd time with Dometic and had a different tech. She said to pull the cover and take out the foam pieces and turn them over and put them back in. Put cover back on thermostat. She said people were pushing the buttons and they were not to be pushed but to be touched. Then go into a reset and she gave me the directions on that. I am heading to the camper....
  19. Sherry, just got off the phone with Dometic service dept. and was told that it was probably a relay problem and there was nothing they could do about it. Told me to contact an RV service company to check it out. I asked him if I could just buy a Dometic thermostat and he said they did not sell them that I would need to find someone who did and go through them. I am getting the total run around.
  20. Sherry, if the batteries are fully charged, wouldn't they still be putting DC into the camper even after unplugging from shore power? Thanks, Nan
  21. It would not be hard to cut the power. I could just unplug from the shore power. The camper is under a carport so the solar is not getting any sun. The thermostat is a Dometic Capacitive Touch. I am not at the camper right now so cannot tell you the settings, but I will look tomorrow and let you know. The only information I have on this thermostat is what Jason put on the forum..I actually called the Dometic factory and they said to take the cover off and see if it would work..Thank you and I will get back to you.
  22. Hey Sherry. Yes, you are right in that the furnace and AC were replaced and the ladies said it was an authorized dealer that did it. I do not know if the thermostat was replaced or not. The thermostat is a Dometic, as is the AC and the furnace is an Atwood. I know for a fact that the furnace was never checked out because after calling Cindy at Oliver she told me about a switch. In order to get to the switch you have to take the faceplate off of the heater (outside) and reach behind many wires and turn it on. You cannot see the switch, but only feel it. The switch was off. Now there are 4 screws to be removed on the heater faceplate, however one of the exhaust faceplate screws covers the heater faceplate screw, so you have to take that exhaust plate off first to get to the rest. After moving the switch to the opposite position the heater seemed to be working. I left the thermostat in the OFF position and plugged in the little space heater I had. When I came back to the Oliver the next day, the little space heater was off and the Atwood was blowing full force with the temp being 75 degrees in the camper (thermostat was OFF). No matter where you set the thermostat the heater stayed on. I finally cut the gas off at the tank and in about 2 minutes the heater shut off. Now the AC and the heat strip work fine. Another subject: I have had 2 windows leaking, but after cleaning out the troughs I think maybe they are fixed and then there is the little problem with a screw in the bathroom door...Then trying to get the guy out to check on the nuts on the Dexter...Guess I am whining because so far it has been a PITA. But, thanks for asking.
  23. I am following this post because I have not been able to get mine to work either.
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