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  1. Forgot to add Def fluid is available just about everywhere fuel stations Walmart hardware stores. Until they have a shortage which is becoming the norm among items. 😡
  2. Not sure about all the tech conversations. Never had a problem with the DEF fluid. My new GMC has a level gauge full to empty instead of a percentage of use, which makes it much easier to know when to add fluid. Adding fluid is usually 3-5000 miles of use, or every oil change. My mileage has increased to 16-18mpg towing the Oliver. only have 3,000 miles on the truck. I expect this average to go higher once the engine breaks in. There also has been a big increase in tow capacity 18,000 vs 13,500 on my 2017 HD diesel I thought my 2017 highcountry Duramax was over kill. 🤯 The comfort and safety level of the GMC with the diesel is worth putting in DEF fluid not happy about the fuel prices, who is? Still couldn’t be more happier with the choice of a diesel tow vehicle. 😎 you could also import this to Trainman’s post on tow vehicles.
  3. The up side is the service Oliver provides. You wouldn’t get half that attention from another company. Glad the elec was an easy fix.
  4. How about contacting the previous owner to find out what happened. They may or may not know the answer. It would be disappointing if an owner knowingly sold you a trailer with that big of a problem. Good luck. Also ask Oliver service if any repair tickets were ever noted.
  5. I thought the concept of the natures head toilet was to do away with the standard toilet and not utilize the black tank. More user friendly. I have to agree with JD and SeaDawg you’ll still get the urine smell which would most likely will come from your outside vent unless you constantly pour in vinegar or black tank chemicals. Then your in the same situation as a regular toilet. Find a dump station, hose hookup dump and black tank rinse. As suggested get a second or even a third pee tank. In my opinion that mod may get old quickly and not worth the hassle.
  6. They are saying not much to happen in the ocala Marion county area. Sea Dawg if it changes for the worst you can head my way plenty of room to wait it out.
  7. When I have someone who’s interested in seeing my Oliver, I will turn the Ac on about 45 mins before showing. I open all the cabinets to let the Ac circulate throughout the entire hull. The temp will be at 74dgs the automatic fan goes to low. It is quite cool and the noise level is minimal. This is in Florida temps in the 90s. In short 45mins🥶
  8. My GMC tow vehicle has a 400 watt plug in the rear corner of the bed. I cant see much use for it except for plugging in a portable fridge cooler. I’m wondering, if a solar panel can put out 1-2- 3 400watts with a charge controller can this 400watt plug be used in connection with a solar port connection and a charge controller as how a portable solar panel works? Of course the truck would have to be on and idling for the plug to work. Just thought this would be another possibility for battery charging.
  9. I guess i can officially say my post was right. They are junk and should not be considered. At least you can return it hope the return costs aren’t too bad.💸
  10. I’ll add to that lock n lube another expensive tool dewalt battery operated greese gun matching the two on your first use. No more 🤬🤯🥵 worth every penny.
  11. Check with Oliver. Back In 2019 that plug came with your set up package. It might have changed.
  12. You may even try Oliver. I’ll bet they have a lot of short pieces laying around
  13. JD would an extension off the back of your TV hitch be just as applicable ? They make different lengths. Tongue and cargo weight may come into play. Eventually you have to say to yourself how much is too much. 🥴
  14. In Florida Ocala area those black spots are flies pooping. All the above work well if they stay on to long. Usually just soap and water works fine.
  15. So you have two for safety in case one fails. One is shut off and forgotten to be turned back on the second one fails ☠️ Thanks for the clarification.
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