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  1. What is the use of that door?
  2. Can one order this modification?
  3. My wife and I would like some advice and opinions on picking between the twin or standard Elite II. It seems to be a very hard decision for us.
  4. How does one deal with humidity inside the Oliver in hot and cold weather? And how does cooking figure into the equation?
  5. We are sorry we will miss it! Don't take delivery til 2021.
  6. Does the air conditioner on the Oliver make obsessive noise?
  7. Where are the chains connected to?
  8. Could some of you share your thoughts on the comfort and size of the Oliver Elite II for two adults on cross country trips, or long stays in a single campground? I am sold on the quality, but am still having thoughts on the size,
  9. What cables are these? How do you like everything else thus far?
  10. Also, where does all this equipment fit?
  11. Thank you. Does the Oliver come with the hose for the dump station?
  12. What are the RV jacks for? I though Oliver came with jacks you let down?
  13. Also, how do you flush the black tank?
  14. I too have not yet towed or ordered my Oliver, but am close. What does "full hookups" mean? Also, does the Oliver come with the hose(s)?
  15. I am leaning towards the regular tank also.
  16. So, after reading other posts.... One needs a 21 gallon portable black water tank (Rhino), and a 21 gallon portable gray water tank (Rhino) to prevent breaking camp every 4 days?
  17. You don't have a black water tank? I am guessing you have the compost toilet?
  18. I am thinking I will need these also? I hope to order an Oliver soon.
  19. Hello All: Is there an outdoor shower curtain that hooks up to the Oliver for privacy?
  20. Hello All; In boating, gray water goes into the ocean. Is there a way to divert the gray water in an Oliver to the ground, if it is allowed in the area you are staying?
  21. Hello All; I am still in the process of deciding on buying Oliver Elite II. One concern of my wife's is the space. Is there a way to put up a screened in tent around the Oliver on one side, perhaps tied into the awning?
  22. I had hoped a 2500 half ton would be OK for the Elite II. I hate to have to go to a 3/4 ton!
  23. How long does the 18 gallon black tank last two people when camping? Is the extra cost and new technology of the compost toilet worth exploring?
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