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  1. All probably true. Question is, will people learn from this. I'm sure this will pull on some strings but as far as I'm concerned, we already live too long, proof being how old folks die unhappy and often with no dignity. As a society we are getting more and more centrally populated and reliant. Most importantly, we are getting fatter, less active and just unhealthier in general. This point is Americans biggest risk. I'm sure all those silly vape pens aren't helping either. Hopefully at the very least people won't continue hiding from the truth after all this blows over.....scratch that, there is no hope for that, we'll just blame the Chinese. We have a society panicking over toilet paper, I think we are too far gone!
  2. This thing is for sure blown out of proportion but if any company should be keeping their customers from gathering right now its probably Oliver. Lets be real, not a lot of spring chickens in this group!
  3. Ha. Some of us move quicker than others I guess. Your job sounds like an hour max.
  4. btw, did you notice the size of your tank when you pulled it out?
  5. I think you mentioned you removed the tank for more storage. Did you make a post for that? I'm not gonna pull the floor for this, then its getting into more work than its worth. If anything, I might just use the existing black tank for non potable water just cause it would be fast and easy. I know some of the ausi overland trailers do that with two seperate water tanks.
  6. Well, looks like this is all a waste of time unless I pull out the existing black tank. I spoke with a lady that manufactures these tanks. If they're not certified its because they ultimately don't know what the tank is made of because its made of recycled materials. Could be high or low carbon levels and can definitely leach into your water. This is the same for ABS. Side note that will annoy me until I get clarification. Oliver clearly advertises 18.5 gallons but it says very clearly on the tank, 15 gallons. I'm still gonna look into putting a potable tank in. Would at least make plumbing the composting toilet easy.
  7. Ha! You sound like my wife when I say an hour. Notice I said a couple of hours. The vast majority of the work is already done, don't even need to make any tank penetrations. I'm just trying to get some details from the tank manufacture before I start. I'm talking to the "tank expert" today where oliver buys tanks.
  8. For us its very simple. When we're out dry camping for weeks at a time in places where a drive to get more fresh water is a 200 mile round trip, the only thing we can't get more of is water. With a composting toilet we can dump anywhere as long as its composted, though my wife and I can get 3 weeks out of one toilet load pretty easily. Grey water even with urine, we can dump anywhere. Having 60+ gallons of fresh water without having to pack more stuff in the bed of the pickup and without having to pump it into the trailer is pretty darn convenient. And the more I look at doing it, the easier it looks. I can't see it taking more than a couple hours to setup.
  9. The black tank is not ABS, its black poly and the grey tank is grey poly. The difference being that the black and grey are not certified potable.
  10. Thanks John. So you're basically saying to pressurize it with the water pump. I thought you were thinking you could do a true gravity feed where you could plug the fresh tank overflow, add an overflow to the black and just fill the black tank and allow it to fill both. I'll take a look again tomorrow at the lines you mentioned. Thanks
  11. But if you had an 18 gallon tank that was out of the way and could be converted to a fresh tank in an hour or two, would you do it? Having 60 gallons of onboard fresh water is pretty awesome, not sure why I'm the only one that sees it that way.
  12. Also, you guys do realize that your composting toilet is basically an open urine tank with no trap. If you don't smell that, you're highly unlikely to smell the grey tank especially through a couple of traps.
  13. All good questions, thanks. Thanks for the info on the vanity, thats kinda what I figured once I popped off one of the screw covers. Figured one of you guys would have already been in there for something. Black does not become black until its the combined liquid and solids. Thats actually the great thing about a composting toilet, its just dirt and you can dump it anywhere if its well composted. I don't see my traps going dry and I will "T" in downstream of the shower trap. If someone was really worried about it you could possibly add a check valve after the urine line trap if it doesn't need pressure. I pee in the shower all the time! Grey water is actually dirtier than urine so I wouldn't worry about it. Yes, black tank is potable. Filling through flush port is an option though probably slow. It appears to be easily accessible under the dinette so I would probably remove the spray head for higher flow. Thanks for the input.
  14. How is it anymore or less hygienic if you have two closed systems? Its already been confirmed that the black tank is made from the same material as the fresh tank.
  15. Ok, so I'm finally digging around exploring the options here. I think diverting urine to the grey tanks is going to be pretty straightforward. I'm thinking I'm going to cut an access hole behind the toilet where the unused cold water supply line pops through. This should hide things somewhat. There should be enough room between the black tank and the exterior wall to run some pvc. Its going to have to cut in downstream of the shower trap so I'll add a second trap for the toilet under the dinette access. I'll have to do some digging for fittings so that the toilet can be easily removed for dumping/cleaning. Side note, the Airhead composting toilet I installed in my truck camper did not have the seat attached to the tub by a hinge. This allowed us to carry a second tub in the trailer to swap in and put the full one in the trailer for a week or once we got to warmer weather to promote better composting. Made it a shit-ton easier to clean! Was that a pun? Ok, so on to converting the black tank to extra fresh water storage. I agree that it would be super easy to use a gravity system but I'm not sure how you thought you would be able to tie the fresh and black tanks together. Is there easy access to the fresh tank that you were thinking about? I'm gonna go get under the bed and see if maybe I can snake a tube through somewhere but thought I'd ask what you had in mind. As far as plugging the black tank vent. Looks like the storage shelf deal under the sink should be pretty easy to remove. Do you know what it looks like in there before I pop it out for nothing? Thanks
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