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  1. There are plenty of apps out there that do similar things, Onx is just the best user experience and most accurate I've come across. Its very outdoors focused so fishing access, hiking trails, camp spots etc. The private ground boundaries are super useful for hunting of course, but we use them all the time. Just hiking unmarked trails or even looking for rural acreage to buy it allows us to walk the boundary lines with confidence. People should try all similar apps and just get the one thats most intuitive to them.
  2. Its $99 a year if you want the nationwide plan. If you just want to dabble for a while, you can play the free trial game. Its pretty easy to put your account on hold and just keep trying out each states free trial. If you travel a lot or even a little really, the $99 a year plan is a no brainer in my opinion. If you're just traveling a month at a time or less, its $15. It works on Iphones and android, beyond that I have no clue.
  3. Heres one for you guys. This is literally the only reason I keep a smart phone at this point. We started using it for hunting of course but now we use it for everything. There are pockets of public land everywhere and its dead accurate in showing you. We use it for simply pulling off the road somewhere or to find huge blocks of land to explore. Downloading maps and adding POI's offline is awesome. For example we can float 100+ miles down a wilderness river and mark all the best camps, hot springs, rapids etc along the way. As soon as you log in once you have service it updates everything seamlessly. Best app I've ever used and its nice to support our local Montana businesses. https://www.onxmaps.com/
  4. You guys all seem like great people and at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you're having fun. As a former vehicle sales person, this thread is giving me the sweats and my trigger finger is starting to tremble! Don't worry, I'd only shoot myself! Nice truck. One thing to note. My neighbor bought one and proceeded to get it stuck in the snow pretty quickly. He said something about no clearance for chains. You might want to do some test fitting before you go out adventuring. I have a Ram 1500 and with a lighter trailer than the Oliver, a WDH made all the difference in the world. It does help breaking and steering in a massive way because you're putting the correct weight on the front tires so you actually have traction. Even if you got the overpriced RAM airbag option, the WDH mathematically is still way more efficient at loading the frontend. That said, if you're just driving down pavement in good conditions, those airbags will work just find. Congrats.
  5. I guess I'll have to take your words for it, but it's never been my experience or anyone I know other than on a 5.9. Regular driving for me is hwy 90% and 10% town
  6. In a quick search, the norm lines up with my experience. What are you guys doing different than everyone else...... https://www.valleychevy.com/2018-chevy-silverado-2500hd-fuel-efficiency-gas-consumption/
  7. Sorry guys, I'm not buying what your selling. I assume you're actually doing the math not just looking at the computer. I drove his truck which has no mechanical issues with a bed cover at 65mph for several days, never better than 16 mpg. Maybe at 50mph I could get more. I had a 2012 f450 which is heavier and a dually but still never better than 16. I now have a 2016 ecodiesel. It gets 22 if I keep it under 65 and will jump to 25 on long stretches in Idaho at 50mph. I live in Montana where the driving conditions are perfect for a diesel, no cities or traffic.
  8. 22-24, really? My brother has a 2017 and it gets 16mpg in the most perfect conditions. What has changed to get 3/4 tons in the 20's?
  9. Thats what I was thinking on the cooler style freezer/fridge in the truck. Glad to hear you like it, I've heard good things. We won't use it all the time, just when we're packing a bunch of salmon from the north or seafood from the south. Our Yeti cooler packed right can keep things cool for 10+ days so we use that for extra fridge space. Don't know what to tell you on the fridge. I had 3 160w panels if I remember correctly with quality controllers and proper wire sizes with 4 6v mediocre cart batteries. Almost never had to switch to propane. Granted we didn't have anything else other than led's and the toilet fan using DC. The nice thing about a 3 way fridge is in the winter when there isn't enough sun, propane will run the fridge forever.
  10. Its pretty much the same exact toilet I installed in our truck camper. We had the Airhead. I guess you guys have more fun emptying urine than I do! I got tired of the airhead tank almost immediately and diverted to my black tank. Only downside was I dropped a 7/16 socket in there! Still makes me mad today. Like you said, if you fill it anywhere near full, its a nasty balancing act. We did the vinegar thing plus the diluted vinegar spray bottle and all that jazz it still gets gross when you're living full time with it. My first choice will be to divert to grey and then use the black tank to expand the fresh. I hope to find a simple elegant way to do it since the toilet is basically in the shower. Grey tanks smell because of food particles and funky stuff that comes off your stinky body, I really don't see urine making any of that worse. I also think if you're dumping grey water in the wild, its worse than dumping straight urine or the same as dumping urine mixed in with the grey. Back to wilderness rules. We can pee in a river but we are not allowed to dump dish water in the river without first straining the particles. We can pee in the river but we can't bathe in the river with soap regardless of the type. Now if only Oliver would hurry up with my damb trailer so I could get started!
  11. Doesn't seem like a lot of effort to me but I won't know until I have the trailer. How often do you have to empty your urine tank? I guess I just see the perfectly good and out of the way 18 gallon tank sitting there so why not use it. Having extra water rarely hurts and not taking up space in the truck is good too. Why DC compressor? I had a 3 way fridge in my truck camper that worked fine. Took very little propane if needed but the vast majority of the time the solar more than covered it. My biggest complaint with the Oliver fridge is the lack of freezer space.
  12. Thats pretty good getting a week with two daily showers. I'll for sure check out your mods, thanks. We use a solar shower a lot during the warmer months so the water inside is mainly for all the little things. We're going to be traveling full time with a lot of toys and a couple of dogs one of which weighs as much as 15 gallons of water but takes up more space. I like to be able to drop the trailer and go play pretty quick so having as much as possible loaded on/in the trailer is pretty handy. I have one of those truck bed drawer systems, Decked I think its called. Jury is out on if its worth having. It takes up almost half the bed height as it is. We've traveled in everything from a 45' pusher to a truck camper. Every time we change it up we just try to live with less and less stuff. For me the hassle of loading and hauling everything usually outweighs the convenience of having it along.
  13. Will do for sure. We generally camp right on a river or lake and have always pumped water, so water is easy to come by. Its the desert hunting trips and what not where the water is more sulfur than water where it would be nice to have an extra 18 gallons for a couple weeks. Loading up the pickup is definitely an option but since the black tank is there, unused and out of the way I figure I might as well try to make it work.
  14. I'm pretty familiar with composting toilets. I forget the brand we used last time but I'm sure its pretty darn similar to NH. Emptying the urine tank on the other one was not fun though if you were just barely too full. I got rid of the urine tank and plumbed it to my black tank on the truck camper which made it all pretty painless. Thanks again for the info.
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