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Thank you Forum moderators

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I wanted to especially thank all the moderators who handle the increasing amount of traffic here in the Forums. More Ollie owners and more members equals more potential friction, and sometimes things get said that shouldn't be said. Everyone makes mistakes, that is expected. I do greatly appreciate it when intentionally harsh or overly aggressive posts are removed promptly. Bravo.

The same for spam posts with links to other websites - they are usually taken out very quickly if flagged right away.

Sometimes I post in the wee hours of the night if I can't sleep, or I am in a hurry and my words do not come out exactly as I intended. I hope that anybody who might take offense understands that no harm is ever meant. Once written, words are hard to take back. 

John Davies

Spokane WA

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SOLD 07/23 "Mouse":  2017 Legacy Elite II Two Beds, Hull Number 218, See my HOW TO threads: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/john-e-davies-how-to-threads-and-tech-articles-links/

Tow Vehicle: 2013 Land Cruiser 200, 32” LT tires, airbags, Safari snorkel, Maggiolina Grand Tour 360 Carbon RTT.

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Yes, thanks for the kind comments.

We Moderators are Oliver owners and Forum members just like everyone else on the Forum.  In addition to our "moderator" duties we too have opinions, emotions and overall views of our world that may or may not coincide with virtually any particular topic out there.  However, we try our best to be guided by the "Oliver Forum Guidelines".  If anyone hasn't read these Guidelines in awhile, now might be a good time to do so.  They can be found under "General Discussion" - "Read First: Oliver Forum Guidelines".


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2023 Ford F150 Lariat 3.5EB FX4 Max Towing, Max Payload, 2016 Oliver Elite II - Hull #117 "Twist"

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Thanks, John.  We enjoy being here so volunteering to moderate isn’t a hardship!  Traffic has increased a lot, both new owners and those interested in becoming owners.  This is a nice community to belong to.  Mike

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Texas Hill Country | 2016 Elite II #135 | 2020 Ram 2500 6.7L


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In the short span of time we have been members here we really appreciate the volunteer efforts of all the moderators in keeping the riff raff out and content sailing smoothly. A great job, thank you all. 

Thank you to all the long time members here for your patient responses with questions you have seen over and over from us new folks. Passing forward your knowledge and experiences is invaluable and is so greatly appreciated. 
We look forward to meeting Oliver TT family members at a Rally someday!

Stay Safe,

David & Kathy



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2020 OLEII - Hull #634 aka-  “XPLOR” 

2021 F350 6.7 liter Diesel Lariat Ultimate Tremor 



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