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  1. Congratulations Scott & Veronica we look forward to seeing you at the rally
  2. We are registered and will be in site F03 and Looking forward to meeting many of you.
  3. We have found that you get use to it and don’t even notice it after a while.
  4. David, congratulations on the purchase. I'm sure you will have some great adventures ahead.
  5. I have a Tundra and have towed our Oliver roughly 5,000 miles including time in the mountains of CO & UT. I travel with the water tank full and carry a generator, gas can, water cans and a large cooler in the back of the truck. I don't use a weight distribution hitch and have had absolutely no problems what so ever. The truck doesn't get good mileage (12 towing - 15-16 not towing) but I would probably only replace the Tundra with another one.
  6. I suggest using an ohms meter and individually check the parallel adapter’s hot, neutral and ground for continuity.
  7. We store our trailer 1.5 hr from our house in a barn that has no electricity. I check on the trailer every 2-3 weeks when we are not traveling with it. The parasitic drain was concerning. I built a battery cutoff switch to easily disconnect the batteries during storage. My build consisted of a Harbor Freight switch, Harbor freight terminals, a plastic electrical box, 18" of 4# wire, a couple grommets and some command strips to hold the box in position. We currently only have 2 batteries so the switch box mounts easily behind them. I may want to rig up something nicer later but this is fitting the bill so far for $20. Build time was about an hour including crimping and soldering the terminals.
  8. We had site 60 as well last month on our shakedown.. I’m in for the Texas group idea as well.
  9. Having a great day as we picked our Oliver hull 512. We had pleasure of meeting Topgun Who was at the factory having some service done. As has been said by others, the more you dig into the design details on these trailers the more impressed I am. Hope to see you down the road. Steve - “Carnivore”
  10. For those of you that installed the 2 - 5/16 bulldog, did you have to get a different model hitch or tong lock for securing your trailer?
  11. As far as mattresses on the twin bed model, are there any opinions on using a Southern Mattress brand as an alternative to the KTT?
  12. I am seeking some input to help me with my battery selection for the LE2 we have placed a deposit on. We are upgrading from a Casita and typically boondock only 35% of the time. To date we typically stay 3 days off the grid in one spot before driving to another location. Our current trailer doesn’t have a furnace and our only power usage has been LED lights and an endless breeze 12 v fan that we run all night on warm nights. In past trips we could get a full charge on our single battery by running a Honda 2000 for 20-30 minutes once a day. As I mentioned this has been without a furnace which the LE2 will have. The decision I need to make is to go with 2 vs. 4 - 12 v wet cell batteries. We are not planning on ordering solar or an inverter and will keep using our generator to top off the batteries and/or possibly going with a portable solar panel once I learn more about them. Are there any negatives to having 4 batteries over 2 when using a smaller portable solar panel or trying to get a full charge with a Honda 2000 generator in a short (1 hr max) run time? Any input is appreciated and hope to see you down the road.
  13. My wife and I have been enjoying our Casita for 5 years now taking an annual 3 week trip plus various long weekend trips. Our only complaint has been the bed size. Near the end of our most recent Casita trip we traveled through Hohenwald last week to take a look at the Oliver. My better half, who originally was not real happy when I surprised her 5 yrs ago with a camper (Casita) in the drive way insisted that we plop down a deposit. We are now scheduled to take delivery of a new LE2 in mid August. Probably the one driver that made us go ahead and commit was the quality of the plant tour lead by Phillip Andrews. He is extremely knowledgeable, showed a genuine passion for his product and was straight up and honest. Thanks Phil. My retirement should happen next year which will lead to a lot more camping/traveling time. We hope to see many of you down the road. Steve & Missy
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