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  1. I spent all day yesterday installing Alcon leaf springs, Alcon U-bolts and new Monroe shocks on our trailer. I did the work myself and have to say that I recommend tackling it yourself if you have even average mechanical abilities and a torque wrench. I haven't had time to give it a test tow yet but am optimistic that the tow to the rally will be trouble free.
  2. Try cycling cycling each valve one at a time while the faucet is open and the pump is on. This can burp the system.
  3. I placed an Alcan order this morning with Luo for springs, 9/16" u-bolts and nuts.
  4. I am ordering parts to do some Maintenace on my LE2 suspension. Mine was manufactured in 2019, came standard with the EZ-Flex and currently has a little over 62k on it. I am hoping to get answers to a couple quick questions: 1: Does the center pin of the EZ-Flex have a serviceable/replaceable bushing and if so, is it the same size and type as the bushings on the spring ends? 2: Likewise, do the two outside holes on the EZ-Flex have replaceable Bronz bushings like the spring ends? Thanks in advance. .sj #512
  5. I followed AndrewK’s plan and couldn’t be happier with the results.
  6. Mike, I am a recent AndrewK graduate that self installed solar panels and lithium batteries on my 2019 LE2. Like Andrew, I too am willing to offer any help. Pm me your contact info if I can help.
  7. Seadawg, yes, the backing plates were part of the standard construction, at least on our 2019.
  8. I am actually on day 3 of a 2 week shake down test of my recent self install of: 2-Zamp 170w panels, a Zamp 3 port roof box, Victron 100-30 solar charger, 2 - 100ah SOK lithium batteries, a blue sky cutoff switch for the solar panels as well as the appropriate circuit breaker and the proper sized cables and lugs. I had previously installed a blue sky battery cut off and a Victron 712. My 2019 has the PD4060 with the lithium jumper. Our camping style doesn’t call for an inverter and I want a less complicated system. I did all of the work myself and have probably $3k total in it, including the harbor freight lug crimper tool and wire locator. I learned a lot and the project was fun. I totally relied on AndrewK’s instructions and lots of advice / encouragement from Andrew as well as ScubaRX and Mike Mossy. These guys are the best!! I have kept the PD charger circuit breaker switched off when we plug in and batteries are quickly getting back to 100% by midday from the panels. I’ll give further thoughts as I get more familiar using the system. The Install took probably 2 full days by my self but knowing what I know now, to do it again I could pull it off in 10-12 hours. Probably less with some help. I’ll give further thoughts as I get more familiar using the system. So far I really am impressed
  9. I'm embarrassed to admit it but mine would mysteriously come on in the middle of the night too. I figured it out in the middle of the third night of ownership that it even had an alarm clock function. I didn't intentionally set it but it blasted out some wrap song @ 03:17 at full volume. I didn't wake up happy. I don't remember what I did but I found the answer in in the manual.
  10. Mike, I look forward to what you learn from Zamp. It probably doesn't matter but I'm going to likely go with a Victron 100-30 solar charger.
  11. Mossey, I saw the picture of your switch and that makes sense. My interest in wanting to install a panel cut-off switch using only the positive is purely ascetics. I already installed a battery cutoff switch for the battery positive lead using a Blue Sea switch. I was hoping to have side by side Blue Sea switches, one for batteries and the second for the panels. If both positive and negative panel leads must be simultaneously switched, then I will be forced to change my plans.
  12. On a YouTube video by Nate Yarbarough in his series The Explorist Life, he mentions an electrical code that says when installing a switch between solar panels and a charge controller, the switch used must simultaneously disconnect both the positive and negative wires. I'm looking into installing solar and lithium on my trailer and am working through the details. Anyone have any input, knowledge or discussion of any potential problems with installing a Blue Sea switch on only the positive wire between the solar panels and the charge controller?
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