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  1. Can you?...😳...hahaha... now thats a interesting topic... Do I need a Anderson hitch....
  2. Welcome to the Tundra/ Olly 1 club...😉... I put Firestone Riderites airbags on my 2020 Tundra and it made a big difference in the ride... It dampened the bouncing effect when going over bumps and potholes. Enjoy your new toys.. ( show pics )
  3. Amen brother!... bring back the Baja bug.. keep it simple 😎...
  4. Hey Andrew... Thanks for the sample test results.... I’d say kids on the x-box for three straight hours is a pretty good real world test... not having them bug me for that long is worth the price alone😂.. Santa just delivered yesterday... can’t wait figure out all the uses I’ll have for it... Happy Holidays and save travels!
  5. 🎅..... Merry Christmas... to me 😉... Thanks Bill
  6. - NCeagle .... interesting... much cheaper per/watt... how do you recharge it on the road?... can you use a cigarette outlet adapter?
  7. Lots of Great reviews on the Jackery 1000... I would be interested in updates on its function and how long it takes to charge from TV charging..if you have any experience with that.... Thinking on getting one for Christmas to run my ARB fridge in my truck...Thanks
  8. Wow... Ford did a nice job with that setup...I really like the look of that truck... For me thats the right size tire for the wheel well not to big not too sm ... appreciate a follow up if any issues arise with the tires...I think thats the size I’ll go with when i replace the dealer installed ones on mine.. Yeah they’re not cheap!... a little extra ins. Probably not a bad idea ... Gotta try and stop the money suck from my trailer and truck!...🤣hahaha.. stay safe ... see ya on the road after the winter hibernation... Thanks ‘Patriot’
  9. Hey Patriot... What size are those tires?... did they come with the Tremor package?...
  10. Looks great ‘Patriot’... Love the setup...And I have to say begrudgingly (Toyota Tundra owner) the Ford looks awesome.... I’ve also been very happy with my ARE cap too.. the fit and finish is the best, and no leaks... i did also add a tailgate seal to keep out the dust... Added roof racks cause the dogs are pretty spoiled and like their space...
  11. The bed rug weighs next to nothing... don’t forget the tailgate piece... it saves my knees... I have the two separate.. but they sell all one piece as well... I’m also right at my payload limit when loaded with everything and the kitchen sink (ie: wife, dogs, generator, tools etc.).. tried an Anderson hitch with the setup and didn’t feel any difference..only added more weight.. so I prefer towing without one.. I also prefer to tow with minimal water in tanks... and air bags made a huge difference for my setup....Payload will always be a factor with a 1/2 ton truck... but its my daily driver a
  12. Love my ARE cap... Fit and function are the best!
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