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  1. Okay - deal. Just let me know when you need it 🙂
  2. I wish there was a way to give you two thumbs up for this one John! I'm right there with you!
  3. Just a classic...plain and simple...with wonderful harmonies
  4. This band was awesome live. I prefer their version of 3x5 more than John Mayer's.
  5. Larry Carlton...A very underrated guitarist. And Steely Dan was ahead of their time. Lots of fantastic musicians played with them. Overland, I'm trying to find some stuff that's a little less "sleepy" which I posted a lot of yesterday. I really like Neko Case by the way. Spent a lot of time last night listening to her.
  6. Any thoughts on how effective something like this would be for those hard to reach places? I also have a Fein shop vac that has a narrow diameter hose that's seriously long. I wonder if this could be carefully snaked into the hull without dislodging anything? My wife has allergies and probably won't do well with excessive fiberglass dust. https://www.amazon.com/Flexible-Crevice-Tool-Attachment-32-1832-67/dp/B075L7N5ZY
  7. Good luck John! Hope it goes well. I think lots of us are drafting off of you pioneers so keep us posted on how dry everything stays after your test. Thanks to all!
  8. I could shut down the website with all of my music posts...
  9. Fun...brings back fond memories of watching Charlie Brown specials as a kid....Vince Guaraldi was an amazing pianist and to hear one of his classics played on guitar is pretty neat IMHO.
  10. A friend sent this to me recently. I think it's clever. And no, I don't have any harmonica CD's!
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